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What do you think about Rihanna?

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I want to shag.

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I think she has some cool, catchy songs, but she's trash, so I have no respect for her and refuse to buy any of her songs.


Fuck her, I mean. Not listen to her.

She doesn't write the lyrics, so I can't really criticize her for that. I mean, if I had the option to be a popstar to sing other peoples music for millions I'd certainly jump at that offer, even if it was dumb.

She's a product who's pretty and sings relatively well compared to her contemperaries.

That said I don't like her songs at all.

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i wanna grab her ass and kiss her i mean listening to her songs.

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badgenome said:


Fuck her, I mean. Not listen to her.

So, headphones in while fucking her or are you a gag kinda man?!

Shes ugly

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She's just a performer. Her voice sounded very good in earlier songs, and some of her songs were very fun. Since The Umbrella album I don't really like her performances.