Capcom: “We’ve Got no Plans for a PS Vita Monster Hunter at the Moment”

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For many years, the Monster Hunter franchise was synonymous with PlayStation, having gotten its start on the PlayStation 2 and selling huge numbers on the PlayStation Portable (in Japan at least). Since then, the series has jumped over to Nintendo, with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate showing up on the Wii U and 3DS last month in North America/Europe,Monster Hunter 4 scheduled for a summer launch on the 3DS, and, breaking away from Nintendo, there’s even going to be Monster Hunter Online on PC.

So, over on the Capcom Forums, a user started thread about a PlayStation Vita version of Monster Hunter, to which Yuri Lindbergh, Community Specialist at Capcom USA, replied by saying, “Sorry, we’ve got no plans for a PSVita Monster Hunter at the moment,” but “[Monster Hunter] Freedom Unite is up on the PS store.”

As for another flagship Capcom series, Resident Evil, Christian Svensson, Corporate Officer and Senior Vice-President at Capcom, wasn’t able to provide any details about future games, simply saying that “sorry guys but we aren’t prepared to talk about what’s next for RE at this time. You’re just going to have to wait and see.”

And finally, Gametrailers posted a “Memo to Capcom” video earlier this week, with Christian Svensson saying in response, “If reliving the past and rehashing what we already know gets them hits, more power to em.”

Do you think we’ll see a brand new Monster Hunter game on PlayStation Vita anytime soon? Let us know in the comments below.

[Screenshot is from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate]

Did Nintendo pay them not to develop Vita games or what? o.O

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dahuman said:

wasnt this pretty much expected and well known?

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bananaking21 said:
dahuman said:

wasnt this pretty much expected and well known?

I was at least expecting like a Portable 4th or something.

Could change the title to Capcom: "We've got no plans for Ps Vita ever at the moment"

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"Community/Online Specialist" = knows NOTHING about upcoming games. They could announce a Vita version at any minute, this proves nothing.

Seems Capcom doesn't want easy money... well, 20h on the Soul Sacrifice demo and no regrets. ;)

That's nice of you capcom to have a PSP monster hunter available for Vita owners >_>

Thanks Crapcom!¬¬

Oh God, I read the article....and the comment section is....something .
best quotes
-"Nintendo and Capcom deserve to be shamed for what they're (almost certainly) doing" (about the rumored exclusivity deal)
-". I think we will see MH 4 either be ported or MH franchise fizzle out with Nintendo. "
-"Otherwise, I'm boycotting their modern games until Monster Hunter (a series I don't even care for) sees a PlayStation release."