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Barozi said:
007BondAgent said:

ni no kuni <3 might end up beeing the best selling jrpg on consoles that isn't final fantasy

Not even close.

Monster Hunter Tri is at 2.09m.

i really wouldn't consider Monster Hunter a jrpg

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reviniente said:
The advantage for the X360 in the US is similar to the PS3's in Europe, notwithstanding 3DS's usual numbers. The deciding factor seems to be Japan and rest of the World (whatever the hell that means). If adjustments are made in light of the March NPD, how big is the Gap?

I wouldn't consider a 19k difference to a 7k difference similar. It's almost as many PS3s sold in Japan if you subtrat the difference. Europe is still part of the deciding factor since it sells more everyweek.

So interesting to see adjustments from previous weeks now. Seems like business as usual.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

It's the start of the month and we've just had another NPD showing up the numbers on this site. I expect them to have fallen by the wayside again by the end of the month.

Lots of sport titles in the US chart shows how dull things are at the moment :(

After seeing the NDP it's hard to take weekly numbers too seriously. Nice to see 3DS where it should be though.

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Luigi number one?

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I wonder what caused the sales bump in ninokuni, maybe it will be a similar situation to valkyria chronicles.

Yeah! 3DS!
I knew it would have gotten a bump, especially when a game like LM2 sells so much in its first few weeks.

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I am struggling to raise any enthusiasm for the numbers at the moment.

They simply aren't reliable. They don't tie in with other reporting agencies and they don't tie in with Shipment numbers.

Its pretty obvious that the 360 is undertracked routinely in the US and Europe. It will also become apparent that the same is true for the PS3 once we see the financials.

Any discussion is moot

The only numbers that are reliable is the Japanese ones because they basically ape the other agencies that publish them.

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