Forums - NSFW Discussion - If you were transformed into a woman for a limited duration, would you have sex with a man? (possible NSFW)

Answer the damn question!

Yes 165 42.31%
No 224 57.44%
of course yes. doesn't mean you will be gay, after all you will be woman, so...

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No because I'm not attracted to men so I would probably be as dry as a nun's nasty.

I would just buy a shitload of sex toys and play with them in between feeling my own boobs.



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What the hell is wrong with you straight people, your mind will stay a man, that means as soon as you see a big black dong rubbing all over you, you'd get turned off no? Besides , any lesbian will tell you that you don't need to have a man in order to have the best sexual experience. I'd personally use a toy just for the pure curiousity, but a man? hell no

The only way I could possibly sleep with a guy as a woman would be if that guy was me, and I was fully concious of boths bodies at the same time. Talk about the ultimate satisfaction, double the climax! But I'd have to be both, if I could only control the woman then I still wouldn't do it, it'd be like having sex with my twin brother.

Also, if I had a woman's body I'd spend all day visiting places I'm not allowed in. It's a peeping tom dream come true.

I probably would, but I'd much rather see what it felt like to have sex with another female as a female :P

If they can get the juices running then I'd be a whore ...


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No. But I'd certainly try some masturbation(and lesbians).

No. That's plain gay and I'm not. If you really want to know what it feels like as a man, just have a dude do you through your asshole. I would play with the tities non-stop tho.

I would because I think heterosexual intercourse is hot. So as a woman, that would make me very happy. And I would totally be a slut and make money on cams, being my sexy self (were I a bombshell).

Great thread Jay XD

1. Since you said I would still have the mind of a man then no I would not have sex with a man. Just not my thing.

However i would be interested in seeing what it feels like for a girl. No joke I was having this conversation with a girl just about a week ago. How we got on the subject i don't have a clue but I had to ask if it was like getting stabbed XD haha

Anyways i would probably opt out with a male and instead just get toys or something to find out what it feels like.

Weird answer for a weird question haha  Great thread Jay

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aikohualda said:
im gay so most probably...