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The WiiU is selling WITHOUT games?

Yes. People have faith in Nintendo. 176 40.93%
No. People want LEGO CITY. 36 8.37%
Yes, people are desespera... 20 4.65%
No. It will fail. 111 25.81%
All girls look hot in corsets. 87 20.23%

The WiiU is selling, WITHOUT games.

Well, not really, there was LEGO CITY.

But wait, since when a Lego game is a system seller? Never happened before, maybe GTA and Final Fantasy, but, LEGO?

But the console is getting pretty nice numbers, outselling the VITA and getting a respectable 4th spot on the charts, with very little to offer in terms of software.

More than that, early adopters of next gen console generally buy the EYE CANDY tittles, the games that show up the graphical and horse power greatness of the new toy. The WiiU don´t have any of those yet, maybe they are coming, but, granted, what we can get right now looks and plays just like last gen games.

So, THE WIIU IS A HUGE SUCCESS and their selling numbers show the hunger of consumers for new video game machines.

My point is: If the WiiU is selling without any real amazing game, this is very good news for the industry overall, imagine the hype and desiree the big boys will cause in november.

Or, even the WiiU, when the good games arrive, imagine how much excitement there will be around the thing.

So, what you guys think?

My grammar errors are justified by the fact that I am a brazilian living in Brazil. I am also very stupid.

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Lol Man.

Spiderman, Walking dead, Lego City, Monster hunter, Digital games, other announcements, ect. It is not for no reason.

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Too early to say.

Oh ya, WiiU the undisputed winner of the 8th gen. Its so massive, it literally has the magic powers to render the Xbox and PS4 sales to 0 until November when its magical powers wear off.


Older and wiser. Still bias and proud though ;)

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This is embarrassing man.

The Wii U isn't selling at all. Even in its own territory of Japan, it is floundering.

No. I want Pikmin 3 right now.

Some launch window my ass. I'm honestly pissed. (And MH3U getting fatigued)
The only reason I'm still hopeful at this point is I still don't know what Retro has.
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I agree that it's selling without games,
i don't agree that it is selling well.

Selling ahead of the Vita is nothing to brag about....


Selling ahead of Vita does not mean its doing it well. Just better than utter crap, but still crap.

WiiU needs games. It jump up a lot with LEGO, a game not intended to sell systems.

It won't jump up above 100k a week until first party shows up. Pikmin3, W101, ZWWHD and so on.

I still feel it will be fine by holidays and reach about 10m LTD. But it is going back down right now. Needs games and marketing... said the same thing since January.