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What Do You Think Of The New DmC ?

By Far The Best DMC I Seen Yet 25 20.16%
It Was Pretty Average 10 8.06%
It Didn't Live Up To My Expectation 3 2.42%
It So Dissapointing 8 6.45%
Simply Garbage 59 47.58%
Dante New Hair Is Ugly 9 7.26%
Who Cares !! 10 8.06%

Man, you should check out my review thread (started before this). I have got most of the reviews up there.

There over 30 at least, probably 50 by the end of the week:


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Don't know why people are so upset, new Dante looks a hell of a lot better than the old one.

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Saw this over on NeoGaf

Its a good game, but it would be much better if it didnt soil an established series.

Would be much better for everyone if this was called enslaved 2.

With that said, i will pick it up when its cheaper, but personally from playing the demo i dont enjoy it as much as i enjoy DMC4.

Euphoria14 said:
Don't know why people are so upset, new Dante looks a hell of a lot better than the old one.

He looks less Japanese, and people are angry (which is funny considering how much everyone seems to hate Japanese things and want them to be more Western).

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Yay dumbed down combos and sub 30 FPS, perfect for an action title!!1!

The story is bad from what I read, but I don't care about it. That's not why I play these games.
Anyway, eventually I'll buy it on steam.

Kawaiix33 said:

d21lewis said:

Kawaiix33 said:

d21lewis said:
Personally, I thought DMC4 sucked. The only DMC I never finished. I was pretty excited for the remake.

Haha really ? Then i guess you never play DMC 2 then since it one of the worst DMC ever. DMC 4 is quite alright and a nice addition to let us play as Nero as the main hero instead of Dante all the time. 

Yeah, I bought DMC2 and beat it.  I thought I made that clear.

Haha alright didn't see it carefully my apology xD If you able to finish DMC2 then how come you can't finish DMC4 then ? What so bad about DMC 4 ? 

Too much back tracking. I actually got lost and then didn't really care where I was going I don't even remember if I even got to the Dante vs. Dante fight. DMC2 sucked, but it was linear and easy.

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KHlover said:
As if the hardcore "fans" would care. Read the comments on any article about the game on N4G, they don't give a shit about these reviews

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OT: I never played any DmC game but I will definitely give this one a try when it's cheaper on Steam.

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Spedfrom said:
I played the demo and felt my intelligence insulted by the "bro" attitude and the cheesy lines of dialogue. Not to mention the annoying framerate stutter.

These days, no matter how good the gameplay is, if a game insults my intelligence, it's an immediate pass.

The story in devil may cry always insults your in intelligence.watch YouTube vids of stupid dialogue all over the old ones.

Yeah guys, you better think again! Lol, you kids have fun now and try not to go into an Aspies rage.