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We all know they always make a 3rd pokemon game eventually and I know this is doubtful but hear me out.

X and Y is longitude and latitude. Which is Horizonal and Vertical correct.  This signifies the change in the series.  One meaning top down view while the other....>Do you see where I'm going with this?

But wait isn't their a third dimension?  Yes you are right.  It would be Z which means forward/backward. From the sounds of it looking forward to the TV and then back at the gamepad......Yes a long shot but I wanted to hear your guys opinions on it.

EDIT:  just so you know I'd prefer it to stay on handhelds as i dont think pokemon works on home consoles besides Pokemon Snap.

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Wouldn't that be more likely to be called...Pokemon U?

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OT: I think they'll make it a handheld game, or maybe they'll release a sequel pair like they did with black and white, pretty sure I read an article recently where they said that the main pokemon series would always be handheld. Though a wiiu pokemon title is bound to happen sooner or later.

X and Y sound like chromosomes to me.

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XY = 3DS game
Z = 3DS game
U = Wii-U game

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Why Pokémon Z will actually be released for the 3DS: It features an actual 3D screen.


Edit: Also what Basil said.

no it will go to 3DS to complete the 3D that the XY+Z represent

I have to look this up but hasn't the 3DS like, 3 dimensions? Like, 3 stereoscopic dimensions?

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BasilZero said:
XY = 3DS game
Z = 3DS game
U = Wii-U game

yeah i agree...

after a year... pokemon z will come out to tie those two like all generation (except 5th)

then a U one with come out to support wii u

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No it will stay on the 3DS to keep it relevant.

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