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Is The Last of Us the best looking game?

No, there are others like Beyond, Killzone, Witcher 2, God of War etc

The vga trailer was :O :O :O


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It surprises me what 6 year old hardware can pull off.

Looks like Alan Wake... but during the daytime.

If ND ever make a PC game, that one will certainly be one of the best (or THE best) looking game ever made. They are held back a bit by the PS3 hardware, but it still looks great. Can't wait for their next-gen titles.

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In coming PC guys!

4 > One

^As should be expected. I mean, no disrespect to the developers, but PS3 just isn't up to snuff to have a "best looking game ever made" - game.

If we're talking console games, I'd say it's at or near the top. Not sure if GoW will look better.

Watch this space - counting down to the GOTG soon


woow.... just woow!!! i didnt see the VGA trailer because im doing a media black out on this game but after i saw those gifs im simply stunned!!!!!

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No, not really. Best looking console game ever made? Very, very likely. I don't understand how ND can squeeze such images out of the PS3's archaic hardware, it really baffles me!

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