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    Scorpio's power is irrelevant, Neo is where it counts. Here's why...

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 June 2016

    To me this thread sounds like someone pleading people not to buy the Scorpio. ...

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    Dead Rising is a Timed Exclusive Coming to PS4?

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 June 2016

    Wasn't this just something that came from a poster on a forum? Like they said they asked someone about it? That would hardly be confirmation. ...

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    Xbox The Best Console To Play This Holiday? Line up is Fiyah Hot!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 15 June 2016

    Baryonyx said: DEAD RISING 4 is coming to Ps4 and PC. So if time-exclusivity is in the picture, which i doubt since Dead rising 3 pretty much flopped sales-wise which is why MS and the Devs never ever said: Exclusive to Xb1 and Win10.. They said: It's available on XB1 and PC ^^ But all the other games they said: Exclusive on the Win10 and XB1 Microsoft is publishing the game....

    Write 33

    Microsoft E3 Lineup Leaked, Trailer Just Released!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 01 June 2016

    Why would this be the entire show? Let's use common sense. ...

    Write 40

    Adam Boyes: Activision still owns Crash

    in Sony Discussion on 08 May 2016

    I think it was Sony trying to hype it so activision would bite and they won't. ...

    Write 69

    PSVR already selling out on Europe's online retails.

    in Sony Discussion on 16 March 2016

    If I am not mistaken most if not all online retail preorders require zero money down. I know Amazon and GameStop are like that for sure. Nothing stops anyone from preordering especially scalpers.  Nothing really to brag about or see here....

    Write 163

    Is There Any Reason To Buy an Xbox now?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 03 March 2016

    I don't know why everyone keeps asking this questioN. The majority don't own a PC able to run games or even care to game on one. So all those millions of people have a reason. Also most of those PC gamers already made their choice when one consol was more powerful than the other. ...

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    Xbox Exec confirms 1 million for Rise of the Tomb Raider = sold through to consumers.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 05 January 2016

    Drakrami said: DJEVOLVE said:   So you wanted to come in and do anything you can to downplay the news? I'm willing to bet it hit over a million on Xbox One with 360 selling the lesser amount. However good tactical move on the downplay, make sure to hit up all the other Xbox One threads, some new ones you have not hit yet. Try to be creative, we are counting on...

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    Sony fans, what should Sony do this next e3 to outdo what they did this (last) year?

    in Sony Discussion on 01 January 2016

    Announce things that are less than 4 plus years away. ...

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    Eurogamer reviews PS4 and Xbone in 2015

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 December 2015

    The online gaming community is so funny. Biased fanboys calling other biased fanboys Biased and Fanboys. All while arguing whether or not an article is biased. A social experiment needs to be conducted. ...

    Write 75

    Seems that P. Spencer strangled Kotaku editor's cat (Halo 5/Q. Break)

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 August 2015

    That's fine. It's one persons view from a gaming website. This is the only article for either game to paint something negative around it. What people shouldn't do though is take this one negative preview and immediately start the "yeah I figured it would be a bad game" nonsense. ...

    Write 96

    Total Destruction was already possible on PS3/xbox360 without Cloud. Red Faction vs Crackdown 3

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 August 2015

    ArchangelMadzz said: MB1025 said: Last gen didn't do it on this scale. Watch the red faction video. Howuch debris disappears into the ground? In red faction you are destroying a very small section. On CD3 you can level an entire city while every piece of debris can then be picked up or walked on.  It is pathetic at this point watching people in this thread with the fail comedy...

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    Total Destruction was already possible on PS3/xbox360 without Cloud. Red Faction vs Crackdown 3

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 August 2015

    Bristow9091 said: LudicrousSpeed said:People understand that Crackdown 3 is not always online, yes? Jesus, do some research before you immediately go into downplay mode please LOL. I think what they mean, as did I with my comment, is that if this is only available with "the power of the cloud", wouldn't we need to be online in order to access it? Therefore if someone were...

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    Total Destruction was already possible on PS3/xbox360 without Cloud. Red Faction vs Crackdown 3

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 August 2015

    ArchangelMadzz said: hiccupthehuman said:It's not a new concept, but Crackdown 3 is just 200% more impressive. The scale of it is way bigger and the buildings are bigger and aren't as sparsely spread out as in a desert. Also, that Red Faction game was not that well received and killed the franchise if I remember correctly. The point is, is that crackdown is done on a larger...

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    Kamiya is Pissed Off at Microsoft- “Are they f****** with me?”

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 July 2015

    Drakrami said:- So Scalebound's developer is openly hateful of MS. - A few of Quantum Dream's developer's , Remedy, senior management team leaves the company before the game is even released. - Phantom Dust developer jumps ship and closes before the game is even in active development. - Square Enix trolls Microsoft by announcing other platform for their timed exclusive before the game...

    Write 60

    Treyarch studio: PS4 consoles spotted

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 April 2015

    Got the email to sign up for the Beta from Call of Duty's official email and it lists it being on Xbox One, PS4, and PC in that order. If I'm not mistaken don't the marketing rights have their name first on everything. ...

    Write 22

    Alan Wake in talks for Xbox One port; a sequel might hit anywhere, including PlayStation

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 April 2015

    All they did was state the obvious, but come on. How many times did we hear about Gears going multiplat just off of Epic saying we can do whatever we want with out IP? If Microsoft thinks AW 2 is worth it they will fund it. I also believe MS had a 3 game agreement with Remedy which is why they shelved AW 2 for Quantum Break. Remedy didn't have a choice in the matter. If QB is a huge success...

    Write 207

    I think I figured out why PS4 is really winning in sales against XB1.

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 March 2015

    It's all because of the pre launch version/vision of Microsoft. End of story. ...

    Write 91

    FFXV Episode Duscae Runs At 900p On PS4; XBO Screenshots Reveal Sub-800p Resolution – Report

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 March 2015

    Isn't this game 1.5 years out? Why is anyone pixel counting a demo of a game that is over a year away from release. ...

    Write 40

    Ori and the Blind Forest - Out Now!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 10 March 2015

    Getting this tomorrow. Can't wait...

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