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I've had an inkling for a while and I'm sure many of you have discovered it as well in your time here but I thought I'd make a public announcement so that everyone knows about it.

There is a bug in the PM system which causes a message to be impossible to reply to. The initial message will be sent perfectly fine but anyone trying to reply to it will be unable to and will instead be presented with the following error:

Fatal error: SQL in /data/r5/nfs/ioi/gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/assets/includes/class_message.php on line 332

What triggers this bug? Using an apostrophe in the subject of the original message.

If you use an apostrophe in a title (Ex. "trasharmdsister12's Erotic Escapades 2012") then the original message will go through but the recipient (Ex. Smeags) will be unable to reply with his own erotic escapades message unless the recipient creates a whole new PM.

So try to remember not to use apostrophes in the subject line of a PM if you want to get a reply without getting your message box spammed with new messages.


P.S. Don't Date Robots!

badgenome is allowed to date robots for finding my easter egg... And the joke in my title.

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Better rule, do not use the messaging system.

I've known this for months. MONTHS.

Oh, so that's it! Thanks

Must be somthing else as well, because I never use proper puncuation and still have this problem from time to time.

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There is no apostrophe in "apostrophes".