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So as you may already know I'm a Sony fanboy and today I had a discussion with my girlfriend. We actually talked about the Wii U, she's by far not a gamer and doesn't care for video games to much, but as a child she did own a SNES and loved it. So she seen some Wii U commercials and brought it up that it was pretty interesting and I mentioned that you can play old Wii games and download a bunch of games from the N64, Gamecube, SNES and NES. She liked the idea a lot because she wanted to replay the older games she grew up on (and all those girly Wii dancing and exercising games). Also it works out really well that she can be playing the Wii U on the controller while I can be playing the PS3 on the tv and not have to deal with the naggy girlfriend wanting to watch tv.

So now I'm thinking of actually buying a Wii U for her and technically me (I will play some games to try it out, especially the older Mario/Zelda games on the SNES, I'd love to play Link to the past (by the way whats the average price on old downloadable games in the Nintendo store?)) since she said she'd pay for half and then I got to thinking, should I really be stuck with one company? Sure Sony will always be my favorite company but should I branch out and actually buy a Wii U and even go as far as getting a Xbox 360 at some point as well?

Seems like it could make me a happier gamer, but then again I can barely afford all the games I want on the PS3 let a lone buying all the games I want for two other video game systemx, it'll probably just sit there because I'll barely get any games, because of the lack of time and money.

So what's your guys thoughts on this situation?

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Yes. Play games, don't identify with their companies.


It's not your fault though, brand managers trick you into joining their cult:


It's strange for anyone over the age of 13 to be a fanboy. Just sayin'.

I could understand being a fanboy when you were left with all your parents could buy you, but you're just missing out if you still have the same mentality towards consoles now.

jk jk

Of course, just let it go.  Play games and whatever happens happens.

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Yes, it is better to be a "neutral" gamer but that really is a dumb way to put it now that I think of it since technically being a "Neutral" gamer is pretty much the true essence of a gamer.

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No, you would not. Being a fanboy is part of the fun!

You should get a Wii U, especially because you won't be paying in full for it. Additionally, it's not like your girlfriend will exclusively buy games that you don't like, so you'll have access to games you want to play for free. On the Virtual Console, NES games go for $5, SNES ones for $8. There are also quite a few non-Nintendo consoles emulated, so you can check out games of other 8- and 16-bit systems.

You don't need a Microsoft console though, because most of its available games are on the Sony console as well. You would be paying a huge amount of money for a handful of games at best.

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No dont do it.

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I own them all and love them all.  Being a fanboy hurts you more than anyone else.

Stop hating and start playing.

BuckStud said:

I own them all and love them all.  Being a fanboy hurts you more than anyone else.

btw...my Wii U is sitting in my entertainment center along with my 360 & PS3 and they are all getting along just fine ;)

Stop hating and start playing.