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When will more reviews come in? Is there an embargo here?

Points to a final 84% Meta, rufly. As expected.

if anyone wants to find this game the cheapestg possible on the internet here it is.

only this price for another 8 or so hours games are shipped from the UK.

28 pounds

Where is Jay25. I think that is his name. He has been hyping up ths game for a while now. It's looking to be pretty solid so far :)

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Graphics look horrible for this game :/ I couldn't believe my eyes when i first saw the gameplay footage

Metacritic doesn't update on weekends (at least from my experience) so you need to wait for Monday.

Metacritic 79 now.

And just as I feared, the game is severly dumbed down where freedom is taken away from the player and instead the developer directs it for you.

For example the missions, instead of being like in the past games huge areas where you had total freedom to discover and to approach your target in any way you want with your full arsenal, in Absolution missions start with limited tools, are split up into small levels where the level designers have spread the clues, tools and weapons at the "right" killing spots so that you don't "have to" experiment and figure out that for yourself.

Another scripted video game on a straight linear path with no options to explore the environment.

I just can't take metacritic scores seriously anymore, just because a few reviewers want to give a good game a bad reputation for no reason.