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Should the Playstation Controller

be completely redesigned? 91 23.88%
be slightly updated? 206 54.07%
left exactly the way it is? 81 21.26%

I don't care if they change it. I'll just do what I did this generation and buy a third party controller that is more like the 360's design.

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binary solo said:
xKakashi209x said:
binary solo said:
I'm 90% happy with the PS3 controller. The only thing I've ever been annoyed by is thumb slippage on the analog controller when things get really hot and sweaty. So doing something about that would pretty much be the only essential thing I want.

I'm pretty sure there is like a 5 dollar plastic addon that prevents that from happening. I saw it at Bestbuy.

By definition an add on to improve basic functionality of a controller means the controller design is flawed. Expecting the consumer to spend extra money to compensate a design flaw is unreasonable, and for people to be happy to do so just shows how much the corporate business world has trained consumers to spend more money to fix a problem which the business should not have put onto the market in the first place.

I don't know how much of the gaming population has this problem but I for one don't. I can understand if more than 30 percent face this problem.

zero129 said:
Kresnik said:
zero129 said:
I really dont know how people can say the DualShock is the best controller out there, do ye guys not get the blisters on your thumbs from the mushroom analog sticks??. Anyway they really need to remove the mushroom sticks imo and it would be a much better joypad.

Do you? O_o

I haven't had blisters on my fingers from a controller since the PS1 days of playing beat-em-ups on the D-Pad.

N64 controller was a bit rough on the thumb as well.

But yeah, I've actually never heard of that one before from a PS3 controller :P

Yes lol after about an hour of play it starts to happen. But if they removed the mushroom like top it wouldnt be a problem.

never happened to me even in 5+h gaming sessions on my PS3

Ultr said:
Vita d-pad? I cant play wipeout for shit with that thing!! dunno why, guess because it takes a lot of time till it triggers!

you use the d-pad in a racer ? o.O

honestly i dont mind them keeping it the way it is but i hope they introduce knew sizes. like a regular (the current one) and a large one for people with bigger hands like my self

Ta da!

Kind of like this but not photoshopped by me...you know...sleeker.

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(

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The PlayStation controller is great as it is. However, I do think they could build it with stronger plastic. The 360 controller feels more tight in the hands, and gives it a quality feel the DS3 doesn't exactly have. Then, maybe the L2 and R2 buttons should also take the form of the 360 controller, to prevent accidental pressing of the buttons when leaving the controller on a surface.
Aside from that, I think it's a great controller. The D-Pad is AMAZING, where the 360's D-Pad is A JOKE.
Yes. I needs a copuple of tweeks, but not that many really.

Chark said:

Ta da!

Kind of like this but not photoshopped by me...you know...sleeker.

B, but I thought a screen on a controller was a Nintendo gimmick?

I have big hands and there are more comfortable controllers out there, like gamecube, xbox 360. I would like them to make it more comfortable to hold, but keep button layout/positions, and with better triggers.

I think it's fine. It gets the job done. One thing I've noticed is people's controller preference usually matches their console preference, which would imply that the controller itself isn't that important to people.

If I had to pick one thing to change, it'd be to add more resistance to the analog sticks. They can feel a bit flimsy at times, especially when just coming off the 360.. It would be cool if there was some sort of meter on the back that adjusted the resistance of the analog sticks.

Chark said:

Ta da!

Kind of like this but not photoshopped by me...you know...sleeker.