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Who is the worst?

Sony Fanboys 222 35.75%
Microsoft Fanboys 108 17.39%
Nintendo Fanboys 69 11.11%
Apple Fanboys 133 21.42%
Android Fanboys 12 1.93%
PC Gaming Fanboys 36 5.80%
Other (Please Specify) 40 6.44%

I can't stand Apple fanboys.  Don't get me wrong, Apple makes damn good products, but they aren't perfect.  

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Those dirty Nintendo fanboys!

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I agree with everything that the OP is trying to say. In my own mind.

I cannot stand Star Wars fans who thinks Star Wars is better than Star Trek! Trekker for life! Yo.





Without a big over-haul, I do not see this thread lasting long. Cheers!

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I don't like people who act as though they are the CEO of their preferred company and defend it against any unfavourable opinions, no matter how logical or illogical they may be.

Easily Sony fanboys. Their infinitely poor taste in gaming and unwillingness to bow down to Nintendo and all their properties shows ignorance beyond all measurable levels. Denial at its finest.

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I wonder how long it'll take until this turns into a battlefield...

I'd have to say... __ ______ _______.

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

Those that disagree with me. They have poor taste and are stupid.

One who points out flaws in other companies but defends their favorite company for doing the exact same thing.

Also, the kind of person that takes pleasure in the misery of other people. Some people were as happy as can be that people who owned a PS3 were unable to play online during "The ApocalyPS3". Some people were ecstatic to see Xbox 360 consoles breaking left and right. Some people love that Sony is losing money and people are losing their jobs.

I actually like it when people brag about their system having something (exclusives, features, sales, etc.) that the competition doesn't. That's fine with me. When it comes to things that actually hurt the employee, the customers or the gamer, I don't condone that.

So basically, since all sides do it, I hate everybody.

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The ones that don't agree with me!

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