Forums - Sales Discussion - PS Vita USA 1st week sales - 160,499

50k for the 1st edition, and around 150-200k for the regular edition next week.

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First Week (3G exclusive): 50k
First Actual Week: 450k

well first edition will get the least attention due to higher price.   -so that one well net 25-40 k


the main week

110-135 k     .     the month should see 200 k   .

513, 076

400k for the Global Launch.

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meh, not sure. 600k-1.5m?

i'll say 3.5m for the lol's

300,000 first week followed by a sharp decline. Of course, I was the guy that predicted 2 million Kinects sold in week one (oh, the humiliation!) so.....yeah.

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This weekend I asked my friend if he was planning on getting the psvita. His reply was maybe, when is it coming out?and he is a ps3/psp owner, who watches plenty of tv. That 50million dollar advertisement should have began at least a few weeks prior to launch. Most people who don't frequent gaming forums, probably just became aware it exists let alone figure out whether they want one or not.

So 200k-300k first week.

300k imho


Atleast 75k-200k