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Bonus points for me: Is Machina an Awesome mod?

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Remove Those Pictures of You Smoking Weed Before You Get Rid of Your Nintendo 3DS


Earlier this week, I brought you the story of a good friend who gave me his original Xbox without wiping its contents. From the data, I was able to piece together a sentimental portrait of my friend as he and his wife started their new lives together.

If there was an irony there, it's that only in my hands could such information become personally revealing. A stranger buying the Xbox off Craigslist or inheriting the data as a used GameStop purchase would not understand the significance behind of any of the gamesaves.

However, it doesn't take a New Yorker profile writer to understand the significance of a picture of someone taking a ripping bong hit, left on a used 3DS. This chuckleworthy tale from the U.K. should reinforce the modern necessity of wiping all gaming devices of their data before you give them up for sale. And if you buy a used device from a retail outlet and come across this sort of thing, definitely complain about it. It's supposedly store policy to wipe the devices, and if they don't, they'll usually give you store credit or a partial refund.

Always Clear Your Data! [Gaming Unity]


Nintendo GameCube Startup Sound on Keyboard!



Lastly I will post some old school Nintendo 64 DD F-Zero action! Only in Japan!!!

Or by import I guess.

Nintendo 64 DD review (F-Zero X Expansion Kit) by Hard4Games - TGN.TV



Check out that site if you are interested in this game!


Well that is it for today everyone. Not a busy weekend so far.

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the gamecube start-up music was great


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Good news for Resident Evil. A strong result will ensure new brands to come on 3DS!

AstroMaSSi rules

I love this thread SRyan! The gamecube piano guy I wanted to smack, don't ask why, but I absolutely love the drunk guys playing F-Zero DD, that was awesome. I'm also loving all the other Nintendo news, you have a fan.

Capcom has announced that Ace Attorney 5 has been in development for awhile now. They have not released a release date nor which console it will be on but going by it's history the 3DS seems like the right choice.

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Pokemon Black & White: Rival Destinies debuts on Cartoon Network this February

Pokémon Black & White: Rival Destinies, the latest season of the Pokémon anime, is scheduled to debut on Cartoon Network on February 18 at 8:30am, according to Bulbanews and Toonzone.

The fifteenth season of the English dub of the Pokémon anime, Pokémon Black & White: Rival Destinies, is all set to make its debut on Feb. 18 at 8:30 a.m. E.T. on Cartoon Network.
The season will pick up the plot from where the previous season left off, continuing Ash Ketchum’s journey through the Unova region alongside Iris, a girl whose ultimate goal is to become a Dragon Master, and Cilan, an A-class Pokémon Connoisseur who can judge the compatibility between a Pokémon and its Trainer. The season will kick off with the debut of the {bp|Gym Leader}}, Elesa, and continue from there. What does this season have in store for Ash and his friends? Stay tuned!


Nintendo Network to feature competitions and user communication

Iwata revealed that they’re going to focus on establishing Nintendo Network not only as a service for playing online, but also for communicating with other users and holding competitions.

Unlike Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, which has been focused upon specific functionalities and concepts, we are aiming to establish a platform where various services available through the network for our consumers shall be connected via Nintendo Network service so that the company can make comprehensive proposals to consumers.  

For example, competitions and communication among users, as well as the sales of digital content, will be covered within the Nintendo Network.

The more I hear about Nintendo Network, the more I like everything about it.


This is the first time I noticed it talk about digital numbers being released!


The Chinese ripoff of the Wii U

The Wii U is still a long ways off from release, but that didn’t stop Chinese manufacturer JXD from “borrowing” a few elements of its controller. The JXD S7100 (pictured above) is an Android device billed as a “game console” on JXD’s website. The S7100 features a 7-inch 800×480-pixel capacitive touchscreen, motion sensors (described as “gravity” on JXD’s website), and comes in your choice of black and white.  

JXD have released a batch of pictures of this device, which you can check out at their website (and while you’re there, notice anything else familiar?). There is also a video, which you can watch after the break.




The Fold – Wii Sports Resort (Basketball)

Thought I would add this, in case we have any Wii Sports Resort fans out there! Just not much point for others.


Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 is coming to the Virtual Console

A rating from the OFLC has that Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 is coming to the Virtual Console at some point. It’s not a big surprise and there’s no release date yet, but more content is always good.



Do not know what it says there, but if you speak japanese or have a converter, please tell us!


Mailbag: Pirate Edition

Sunday means we bring you another Mailbag video over on our YouTube channel, this time hosted by me, Bastian!

This time around we talk about where in the timeline the next game might take place, what a mature Zelda game might be like, whether Link and Zelda are related, and what a game with Ganon as the main character would be like.

View the video after the jump!


Groose Get told off by an angry Zelda!

Lol.Kind of stupid.


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spurgeonryan said:
BasilZero said:
So the circle pad is under the system? o.O

Yeah it hooks into the bottom with a screw. At least until the rumored 3DSi comes out.

That screw on the bottom is only for holding the Circle Pad's battery cover in place. Small rubber pads around the inside edge of circle pad pro keep your 3ds in place while you're using it. The 3ds stays in there very securely and I've had no problems with it since I got mine in December.

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Nintendo teams up with DreamWorks (and others) to provide video content for the 3DS

A press release from Nintendo of America has confirmed that they’re teaming up with DreamWorks Animation, 3net and Blue Man Group to bring more video content to the 3DS. As explained in the press release:

The first video is available starting today and features characters from the studio’s 2009 release Monsters vs. Aliens. Another video featuring the three little German pigs from the Shrek franchise will appear later this month.

3net will provide further short-form content on an ongoing basis, including:

  • Bullproof – The story of four bull riders.
  • Feeding Time – An up-close look at adorable animals such as pandas, penguins, lemurs and otters.
  • Building the Brand – A series that explores the creation of some of the world’s most iconic products.

And last up, providing the sixth video released this month, Blue Man Group will have a performance titled “The Remote” available soon. As far as we’re aware, this content is not available outside of North America.

Thought this was old news, but saw a few tidbits in there that were unique.


Art created to celebrate The Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary.