Should I get a 3DS or wait for a PS vita? UPDATE: I got an iPad instead.

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Should I get a 3DS or wait for a PS vita?

3ds 178 55.63%
PS vita 111 34.69%
i couldn't care less 31 9.69%

should i get a 3ds? ive never played any popular nintendo games (mario, zelda etc..) and dont know whether i would like them. Or should i wait for a PS vita even though none of the launch games are look that appealing for me? does anyone who has a 3ds recommend it?

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You should spend your money on something else.

For example: women and helicopters.


I'll second women and helicopters

I don't know how Vita will be, I just can say that currently, 3DS is at a great price and the Marios look really good, and are really fun.

TadpoleJackson said:
I'll second women and helicopters

ive all ready got both of them though

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I recommend the 3DS, but as a Nintendo fan, that's not saying anything revolutionary. The 3DS's greatest strength is that you'll get games unavailable on any other platform. The weakness is that you won't be able to play many console-style games on it. Make of this what you will.

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I think everyone can agree that the Vita seems like it will have a good line-up of games when it comes out. But as of right now the 3DS has some major games! For the next few months you might want to just get a 3DS. You can alway craigs list it if its not your cup of tea for about the same price you bought it for.

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considering how many new IPs there are for launch for psv I doubt you know whether you will like them or not either :P I think you will be able to play a much bigger variety of games on the psv..but that's just my opinion

I would say just take a look at all upcoming games for PSV and also current and upcoming games for 3ds and see what you like and go for it. If you have something like a gamestop near you chances are they have a kiosk with a 3ds so you can give a game or two a go on it..w/e you get you can't go wrong :) have fun

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wait for the 3ds lite

i would say you should look at the games and figure out which system has more of what you want. for me it is the vita so that's what i voted.


link is to an amazing thread about the vita...not sure if there is an equivalent for the 3DS but if so someone should link it for you.