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How Far Are You?

I am in the Intro 31 15.42%
I just beat the 1st dungeon 27 13.43%
I am like in the middle 26 12.94%
I am not that far from being finished 22 10.95%
I am done 50 24.88%
I have no idea how far I am 23 11.44%
Neutral 22 10.95%

With Skyward sword out in all major regions(Minus you Japanesse ) I was curious on how everyone was doing. I also you can show off all your gaming skills for being done with the game already. Also you Eurpeons are so going to be ahead of us. In matter of fact if you finished it already you should be on the awesome "I'm done with this game list"

Awesome People Who Finished The Game

Mr Khan

I am about to finish the intro and now pass that weird dude who opens that door.

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I am Error.

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After beating the 1st dungeon I gotta say I'm not really enjoying the game as much as I hoped. Some of the complaints the Gametrailers review was talking about I can agree with minus the Motion plus controls which are spot on.

The game either needs less dialogue or voice overs because the intro was brutal. And to think that this is after Miyamoto already stepped in and cut out alot of the dialogue that was suppose to be in there.

I don't get the addition of save points in this game I don't ever remember Zelda having save points as before you always went into your menu and saved at any point but now I gotta go to a statue to save. Why would you take a step backward?

And I love the artstyle when dealing with the environments and enemies(moblins I go used to) but god I hate these character designs. It's like they went out of there way to make these people as ugly as possible. I can't stand looking at Link's face close up with those lips of his. Zelda and her father's designs are alright though.

After playing Skyrim, Batman AC and AC: revelations I could not sit back and play this game in 480p because it looked horrible. For the first time I had to use the Dolphin emulator to get it to 1080p which really made it look alot better since the artstyle is good it's just wii can't output a resolution to actually make it look as good as it should on a decent sized hdtv.

My copy is still in the store. I'll finish Skyrim first. Switching back and forth is not going to do Zelda any justice. I heard from a friend of mine as well that he had trouble getting used to the 480p graphics again.

My copy is still in some store warehouse.
The game is released in Japan on the 23rd. :/

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I don't agree with the complaints of Gametrailers just yet. The only downside I have is that it has too much puzzles and the fact that the intro is the longest and boring one I ever went through.Twlight Princess was bad but this one is just talk talk talk cutscene talk talk talk. It's not even worth it. I reccommond to just have a copied file for replays but skipping that intro. Though  in the first dungeon I was impressed and the beetle is awesome I wish their was more enemies to use it on. Anyway I beat the first dungeon I will start the 2nd tomorrow.

Also that first boss is really a jerk. For those who have a hard time with this guy(I took like 30 minutes) I recommended you to swing the opposite direction of his hand. Also when he takes his sword out he usually hold his sword in a vertical position so swing vertical when he appears close to you.

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(killeryoshis note - Who put that there ?)
Switch is 9th generation. Everyone else is playing on last gen systems!

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I am not a nerd. I am enthusiast.  EN-THU-SI-AST!
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Got to the first dungeon.

This Zelda was supposed to mesh dungeons and overworld but instead just makes you go through a puzzle filled area (which I like) then throws you into a dungeon where you can't get any additional hearts or ammo (which I don't like). On top of that, the dungeon puzzles turn you on your head. Damn are those tough (I also like that).

Anyone else get the Prima hardcover strategy guide with the cloth map? It's pretty awesome.

Just beat the first dungeon and unlocked the second surface area. So far, I don't really know what to think. While I love the characters more than any other Zelda game before, the music hasn't really captured me yet (which many of the Zeldas have done) and while swordplay is fun 90% of the time, there are a few instances where they don't work as they should.. First dungeon wasn't particularly interesting either, though I'm sure they'll get better. First dungeons never usually are that exciting. The only thing that has truly annoyed me so far is the over reliance on motion controls. While obviously pointing and sword slashing is fine, as is flying the Loftwing, having to use it for things like swinging, balancing or leaping on climbable walls feels unnecessary and just have been handled by the control stick or a button press. The stamina gauge can also be annoying to. Climbing a wall costs stamina? Seriously?

I finished the second dungeon. I was expecting a bit more of the game to be honest. The overworld actually just feels like the first pasrt of an extended dungeon to me.

Rol has already finished it.

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I have not reached the point where I can call the game entertaining ... just finished the intro and am going through the first dungeon area... about 2 hours in or so.

Am really not liking this so far at all.

Complaints so far...

1. The intro: everyone seems to agree it is too long

2. Controls: maybe I will get used to them, but count me as part of the "motion controls are a step backwards" camp. When I get home from work to pop in a game like this I don't want to fake swing swords ... is fun for a few minutes, but I already wish they gave you the option to just use a classic controller or a gamecube controller (at least twlight princess was just a slight waggle ... this game makes you do precision strikes which I can't seem to pull off unless I am standing in front of the TV screen; which is not comfortable for hours on end).

3. Story: I skimmed through the intro and barely undrstood/cared about what was happening ... An hour into Ocarina and you already had your first glimpse of the perils of the world unfolding before you as well as your first dungeon completed ... in Majora's you would have made it through the first 3 day cycle and narrowly avoided the destruction of termina ... in this game I went looking for a bird and followed a ghost girl around ... lame.

4. Art style: Maybe it was just because it was 2006 (I still have my copy of twilight princess so I can and will check) but the graphics just seem bad ... really bad even for the Wii. I just seemd to recall that Twilight princess looked so much better and was still quite impressive even with HD systems on the market. Maybe it is the slight chane in art style ... I just don't like the way things look so far ... too jagged and rough.

5. Music: Have heard a few classic tunes so far, but nothing spectacular so far ... will certainly give the game a chance in this department, but Zelda music just doesn't have the "magic" it used to have in the n64 and even gamecube days.

I will push on, but it just feels like the game is not meeting me half way. It also doesn't help that I have Skyrim and pretty much every other major release for the last 2 months stacked up on my entertainment center most of which have already proven to be more enjoyable than skyward sword.

I can't even blame this on the system like I do with the awful DS Zelda games ... since I loved Twlight Princess, and, to this day, feel that it vindicated my early and pricey decision to buy a Wii at launch.