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< amp316 The Chicago Blackhawks have now won the Stanley Cup 3 times in 6 years. Dynasty!
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< spurgeonryan posted something on amp316's wall:

In case you did not know.

Yes, I did know that Ian Fleming created The Man From UNCLE. The television show was pretty cool. I heard that the new movie bombed pretty hard. I saw the trailer and wasn't inerested.

on 22 August 2015

Reviews were decent though I believe.

on 22 August 2015

Yeah, it just looked like another super slick wannabe Bond. If they made it more fun looking, I might have went to see it.

on 22 August 2015

I'll see it for you and tell you if it is better than Tomorrow Never dies!

on 22 August 2015

It probably isn't, but it might be better than the next two Brosnan efforts.

on 22 August 2015

No Escape and his romantic comedy thing? Brosnan and Cruise are both starting to get old man face. Cruise is just the sideburns, but Brosnans whole face is turning Jackie Chan like....puffy.

on 22 August 2015

< Veknoid_Outcast posted something on amp316's wall:

Don't be a stranger!

Sorry, but I haven't really felt like there was a reason to log in recently.

How are you, Veck?

on 20 July 2015

Doing OK. Busy summer at work. Trying to chip away at the backlog.

How are you? How's married life?

on 21 July 2015

Married life is great, but work is a bummer. What games are you playing? I've been pretty much messing with Smash Bros and Splatoon.

on 04 August 2015

< spurgeonryan posted something on amp316's wall:

A little annoyed. Damien Lewis from Homeland to be next Bond? Come on!!!

You know that's not going to happen. Obviously it will be Hugh Grant.

on 26 June 2015

Oh...I did not give you a link. But it was in the news.

on 26 June 2015

Damien Thorne would be a cool Bond.

on 27 June 2015

Black hair?

on 27 June 2015

< spurgeonryan posted something on amp316's wall:

How much does bond drink?

< noname2200 posted something on amp316's wall:

Congrats on the win!

Thanks. Thankfully Chicago has a team worth cheering for.

on 26 June 2015

So tell me: what's it like to have your hockey team remember that games are still played after April? I've heard the rumors, but...

on 26 June 2015

Also, what'd you think of E3? You missed out by not being around!

on 26 June 2015

There was an E3? I didn't notice.

It feels great to be a Blackhawks fan. They are one the most consistent hockey teams that I've ever seen. Every year they one of the best!

on 27 June 2015

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The NFL Thread 2015: Prediction League Sign-ups - It's September, Champions League Starts Soon - Buy Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai DX for Nintendo 3DS

in Sports Discussion on 22 August 2015

gergroy said: amp316 said:So seriously; wouldn't this thread be 10 pages longer by now if it was Jay Cutler that said that he thought that he was the best QB in the NFL? You guys let RG3 off of the hook to easily. The guy was the number one pick in the entire draft a few years ago and straight up sucks. I'd take Ryan Fitzpatrick over him. Number two actually, Luck was...

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Vgchartz vets/newcomers thread. Where are they now?

in Introduce Yourself on 22 August 2015

Hey there. I've been a member for quite some time and can assure you that this place used to be a joy to hang out at. The site owner used to care and everything. ...

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Nintendo fans, how cool are you?

in Nintendo Discussion on 22 August 2015

I'm too cool to bother with Rol's quesstionaire....


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