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    < IkePoR posted something on amp316's wall:

    Good to see you posting!

    Thanks. Hopefully I won't leave from boredom again.

    on 07 September 2017

    < morenoingrato posted something on amp316's wall:



    on 07 September 2017

    < TruckOSaurus posted something on amp316's wall:

    Nice to see you around these parts!

    Thanks. Good to see you as well. What's new?

    on 05 September 2017

    Back from a fun two week vacation in California. Still hooked on Overwatch and Breath of the Wild (making me ignore other newer games). Looks like you've been enjoying the Switch as much as I am.

    on 05 September 2017

    Where in California did you visit?

    on 07 September 2017

    San Francisco, then went down the coast to Monterey, Pismo Beach, Santa Monica and Los Angeles.

    on 07 September 2017

    How was San Francisco? I always wanted to go there. If you head to California again, I recommend San Diego. It's much nicer than LA.

    on 14 September 2017

    San Francisco was great, a bit cold, but great. There's tons you can do just walking around the city, loved the architecture, riding the cable cars, hanging around the piers. Alcatraz is very interesting (book in advance if you want to go, it sells out weeks in advance). We also did a wine tour of Napa and Sonoma which was very fun.

    on 14 September 2017

    And Dirty Harry was a detective in San Francisco.

    on 14 September 2017

    Never saw Dirty Harry, might have to check it out. I did see the Mrs. Doubtfire house on Steiner Street though.

    on 14 September 2017

    The original Dirty Harry is one of Clint Eastwood's finest movies. The sequels are good, but the original was the best.

    on 17 September 2017

    < killeryoshis posted something on amp316's wall:

    I am surprised to catch you online. Are you only here for the football threads?

    Well. That's why I came online, but if there's any reason for posting I just might. How have you been, old friend?

    on 05 September 2017

    I knew you only come for Football! Do you even game anymore or is the console wars getting to you in the other threads too much? Also I have been good. I just started to be active here again.

    on 05 September 2017

    Well... I do need to defend my title.

    I've been playing the Switch and I love it.

    on 05 September 2017

    Title? What title? O.O

    I also have been doing the same! What's your favorite games that's not Zelda?

    on 05 September 2017

    Yeah, I'm the first 2 time winner of the NFL prediction league. It's fun defeating Rol every year because he rund the thing and acts like he know everything.

    Favorite game that's not Zelda... Probably Splatoon 2. How about yourself? I bet that you're a 1-2 Switch fan.

    on 05 September 2017

    Beating Rol sounds fun! Especially knowing how confident he acts sometimes.

    My favorite not Zelda is a toss up between Puyo Puyo Tetris and Splatoon 2. TBH I really like almost all my games. Also no 1 2 Switch lol buuut if it was a WarioWare game I would have bought it day one.

    on 05 September 2017

    < Veknoid_Outcast posted something on amp316's wall:

    Reading about Roger Moore's passing made me think of you.

    I hope you're happy and healthy wherever you are in life!

    I'm doing fine. How are things with you?

    on 05 September 2017

    Doing ok. Playing a lot of games. Anything new with you?

    on 05 September 2017

    Working way too much. Playing my Switch.

    on 05 September 2017

    Any stand-out games?

    on 05 September 2017

    Obviously Breath of the Wild. I also love MK8 Deluxe, Splatoon 2, and Arms. Just got Mario x Rabbids and Sonic Mania and am really enjoying those as well. Heck, I even like Super Bomberman R after the updates. How about yourself?

    on 05 September 2017

    BotW and MK8D are both spectacular :)

    I really like Blaster Master Zero as well. Some games I played elsewhere that I also recommend are Severed and Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap.

    I haven't had a chance to try Splatoon 2 or ARMS yet. I've been so swamped with games on PS4, PSV, and XOne.

    on 05 September 2017

    Splatoon 2 is pretty much a new and improved version of the original and Arms is actually one of the most unique fighting games that I've ever played, Definitely worth checking out.

    on 05 September 2017

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    The NFL Thread 2017: Week 7 Gameday - NFL brings their worst to Europe, another blowout game in London as Rams beat Cardinals 33-0

    in Sports Discussion 12 hours ago


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    The Donald Trump Thread

    in Politics Discussion 3 days ago

    At a quick glance, I thought that it said "Donald Trump Meathead"....

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    The NFL Thread 2017: Week 7 Gameday - NFL brings their worst to Europe, another blowout game in London as Rams beat Cardinals 33-0

    in Sports Discussion 3 days ago

    I'm taking the Chiefs. This means that the Raiders should win....


    Occupation: MI6 Operative.... I mean I work at Universal Exports

    Education: Some College

    University: What\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

    Height: 5'10

    Eye colour: Green

    Hair colour: Brown

    Zodiac sign: Pisces

    Relationship status: Married

    Favourite Games: GoldenEye 007
    Legend Of Zelda : Ocarina Of Time
    Mario Series
    Mario Kart Series
    Space Invaders
    Dragon's Lair
    E.T. The Extra Terrestrial

    Favourite Music: James Bond soundtracks scored by John Barry.
    Iron Maiden
    New Kids On The Block

    Favourite Films: Bond movies
    A Clockwork Orange
    The Star Wars Series
    The Pink Panther Series
    Once Upon A Time In The West
    The Wild Bunch
    Manos:The Hands Of Fate

    Favourite Books: Fahrenheit 451
    The Complete Works Of Edgar Allan Poe
    James Bond novels
    The Bible
    T.V. Guide

    Favourite Food: Baluga Caviar
    Italian food
    Mexican food

    Hobbies: I enjoy meeting exotic women and blowing up the lairs of megalomaniacal villains. I also like testing out new gadgets.

    About Me: I have a licence to kill.
    The world is not enough is my family's motto.

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