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< morenoingrato posted something on amp316's wall:

How dare you hate on MK8!

And how are you Amp? Long time.

I'm doing well. I just needed some time away from here. It wasn't for any particular reason. Just busy doing other things. How are you, my old friend?

21 hours ago

I'm pretty good. I just came back to the site myself a couple of weeks ago (the semester ended).
I recently played MH4 on 3DS and Ori and the Blind Forest and Steam. Enjoyed both games a lot.

We are old, you are of course, older. =P

21 hours ago

Yes, I have gained a year since we last spoke.

20 hours ago

< Veknoid_Outcast posted something on amp316's wall:

Hey amp, have you seen Fury Road yet?

Yes, I have. I liked it quite a bit. I probably still enjoy the original two a little more, but that probably has something to do with me being an old fart. Maybe eventually I put Fury Road higher up the list after repeated viewings, but probably not. How did you feel about it? I'm assuming that you've seen it.

2 days ago

Saw it opening night. I loved it. One of the best action movies I've seen in a long time.

2 days ago

I agree. It was pretty awesome.

2 days ago

< Smeags posted something on amp316's wall:

I'm way behind, but I finally beat Classic @ 9.0 :P

I did all of the challenges.

3 days ago

*kneels in respect*

3 days ago

< Hynad posted something on amp316's wall:


5 days ago

Harry Carey?! That guy went on the be the most famous drunken sports announcer of all time!

5 days ago

< Hynad posted something on amp316's wall:

Night Rider, not Knight Rider... Even older than that.

5 days ago

I know. But that's still what popped to my mind when I read that. =P

5 days ago

I was just hoping that someone would google it or something. Knight Rider was a pretty cool show for it's time though.

5 days ago

5 days ago

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NBA Playoffs 2015 NBA FINALS (Official Thread)

in Sports Discussion 21 hours ago

Hopefully all of those Cleveland people that burned Lebron's jerseys when he abandoned them for Miami (because he couldn't win there) that now are welcoming him back because they are so desperate for a title in any sport get exactly what they deserve. I'll give you a hint as to what that is. It isn't a title. ...

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Splatoon Review Thread - MetaCritic 81% / GameRankings 81.12%

in Nintendo Discussion 21 hours ago

alternine said: amp316 said:I'm suspecting that the reviews would be better if it was bullets instead of paint. I hope you're joking because that excuse is getting old. Besides 81 is a decent score. Fine.  The colors are too bright.  There's not enough cleavage in the game.   Do either of these reasons work for you?...

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What are your unpopular gaming opinions?

in Gaming Discussion 21 hours ago

Mario Kart 8 is a steaming pile of fecal matter....


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Favourite Food: Baluga Caviar
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Mexican food

Hobbies: I enjoy meeting exotic women and blowing up the lairs of megalomaniacal villains. I also like testing out new gadgets.

About Me: I have a licence to kill.
The world is not enough is my family's motto.

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