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link : http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/121/1210280p1.html


"While previous rumors hinted at a 2012 reveal for the next Xbox, new reports indicate that it may be held off until 2013. Develophas heard from multiple industry sources, including chip manufacturers and middleware firms, that the console's reveal will come at E3 2013, with a late 2013 launch to follow. 

The launch would likely be simultaneous for all territories, but that doesn't necessarily rule out a 2014 release in some countries. The initial launch is expected to come by the 2013 holiday season, but few analysts expect it to come any earlier than that. 

Develop also reports on several other rumors that lend credibility to an upcoming console launch. Namely that Lionhead Studios is currently working on a project known internally as Fable Next, which is expected to launch on a new console. Another source reports that EA has rudimentary next-generation console technology already (which EA has denied). 

For now, all of these are rumors, and Microsoft has declined to comment on any of them. If a new console does launch in late 2013, it would coincide with the predicted 2014 release Unreal Engine 4, which Epic CEO Tim Sweeney told us about last month."


personally i would rather the ps4 and nextbox launch later imo they still to a degree have life in them

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Sounds feasible.

I'm in no hurry to jump to next gen, but if MS and Sony release their consoles in late 2013 I may get a next gen console around early 2015. I'll be ready by then.

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I'd say leave it a Year. 360 is still going really strong, has loads of support and has LOTS of life left yet.

360 cut around WiiU release = another Year of fantastic sales.

damn a late 2013 launch would guarantee the 360 will sell at least three times as much as the original xbox. Even reaching 80mil seems possible unless the wii u really hurts 360/ps3 sales.

i very much expect a announcement at next years E3.

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I think late 2013 is too far away. But early sounds better! When is ps4 rumored to come out?

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I think 2013 is more likely than 2012. 360 is still at a price point of $300 or $200 if we get count the 4gb version. Anyway i imagine they will want to let the 360 drop to maybe 150 or so before releasing a new Xbox console.

it would be expected but if they want to keep 360 on the market they'll have to drop it to a fare price which is below $179 with a sizable hard drive.

but i expect MS to discontinue 360 to put a major focus on NB.

I like how a couple year's ago I was called crazy fanboy ... but now that these rumors are piling in more and more are agreeing that 2013 for PS360 successor's is feasible and makes sense. lol.

I think PS4 and NextBox both should be almost done by now, also some developers should already have theirs SDK's, otherwise developers would not have enough time (2~3 years) to release good games at the lunch window.