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Quoted from links:

"SCEJ President confirmed in an interview with Reuters that there is no Monster Hunter 4 for PlayStation Vita unless Capcom changes their mind.

'I don’t know, you will have to ask Capcom,' responded Kawano when questioned if Monster Hunter 4 would make it to PS Vita.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd has sold almost five million units in Japan only, and it would be a surprising move from Capcom if Monster Hunter 4 did not make land on PS Vita."


I guess Monster Hunter  found a new home.

At least this one for now.


Another update:


Sony Boss: No Current Plans For New PlayStation Monster Hunter

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Wow nintendo must have microsofted capcom.


Damn, that is a spicy meatball!


That's totally awesome. I have no intention to buy or even play this game, because Monster Hunter is a repetitive grindfest, but as long as it hurts Sony I am happy.

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Odd news, what would, and I'm not convinced it's pure moneyhatting, what would convince them to make such a bold move? Is there something they see that we don't? Sony becoming too strong then arrogant, the 3DS being more of a success than we expect, more than good ties between Nintendo and Capcom?

I'm really not convinced it's a money thing. Monster Hunter is a precious success and it doesn't matter how much money you throw at them there needs to be some more substantiated reason for them going this way.

Nothing is confirmed.. Yoshida said " not rule out MH4 on Vita as 3rd parties work on a Multi basis" remember if Nintendo paid for a timed xxclusive.. its not SONY job to announce that.

kurasakiichimaru said:


How is that trolling?

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Christian973 said:
kurasakiichimaru said:


How is that trolling?

Did you read the what the TC only quoted o did you click the link and read the whole article?


By the way, I am pretty sure it is an agreement between Nintendo and Capcom about marketing in North America, but I why are people throwing in "Microsoft Money Hating" into this, when sony has DLC exclusives in a lot of their games, that most likely are attributed to some agreement between Sony and Publisher.

Also don't worry PsVita fans, Monster Hunter the 4thP will make it over.