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Quoted from links:

"SCEJ President confirmed in an interview with Reuters that there is no Monster Hunter 4 for PlayStation Vita unless Capcom changes their mind.

'I don’t know, you will have to ask Capcom,' responded Kawano when questioned if Monster Hunter 4 would make it to PS Vita.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd has sold almost five million units in Japan only, and it would be a surprising move from Capcom if Monster Hunter 4 did not make land on PS Vita."


I guess Monster Hunter  found a new home.

At least this one for now.


Another update:

Sony Boss: No Current Plans For New PlayStation Monster Hunter

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Wow nintendo must have microsofted capcom.


Damn, that is a spicy meatball!


That's totally awesome. I have no intention to buy or even play this game, because Monster Hunter is a repetitive grindfest, but as long as it hurts Sony I am happy.

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Biased reviews are a pleasure to read. Just my opinion, of course.

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Odd news, what would, and I'm not convinced it's pure moneyhatting, what would convince them to make such a bold move? Is there something they see that we don't? Sony becoming too strong then arrogant, the 3DS being more of a success than we expect, more than good ties between Nintendo and Capcom?

I'm really not convinced it's a money thing. Monster Hunter is a precious success and it doesn't matter how much money you throw at them there needs to be some more substantiated reason for them going this way.

I bet with DD_Bwest that the PS4 will not outsell the WiiU by 4 million or more by the end of 2014 globally, lifetime. I win if it's true, he wins if it's not.

Nothing is confirmed.. Yoshida said " not rule out MH4 on Vita as 3rd parties work on a Multi basis" remember if Nintendo paid for a timed xxclusive.. its not SONY job to announce that.


kurasakiichimaru said:


How is that trolling?

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Christian973 said:
kurasakiichimaru said:


How is that trolling?

Did you read the what the TC only quoted o did you click the link and read the whole article?


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By the way, I am pretty sure it is an agreement between Nintendo and Capcom about marketing in North America, but I why are people throwing in "Microsoft Money Hating" into this, when sony has DLC exclusives in a lot of their games, that most likely are attributed to some agreement between Sony and Publisher.

Also don't worry PsVita fans, Monster Hunter the 4thP will make it over.