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TX109 said:
im still doing that high school thing, but this is my last year and i hope to be going the college afterwards for journalism. currently im working at McDonald's...not the worlds greatest job but its a job.

At least you have one. I've applied to several places and I haven't found a job in 2 years.

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Doing a PhD in classics. Best time of my life to be honest.

I'm a college student.

Senior IT tech... Actually, I only walk around servers hoping nothing wrong happens...


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I currently have a small cash-in-hand job with my best mate and his Dad, we replace ceiling tiles. In September I'll be going to University to study Games Design!

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adriane23 said:
I work in corporate finance for a healthcare umbrella corporation. That sounds sinister, but it's really not. I basically review and pay our charitable commitments and sponsorships, which leads to educating people on policies and common sense. I'm also a full time student studying Software Applications Development (I graduate next March).

You work for Umbrella?

Coolest job ever.

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i eat and drink to survive.

Social Worker.

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snakenobi said:
Dr.Grass said:
snakenobi said:

I am student atm

will be doing computer programming and design for living.

If your good then you'll be swimming in the green stuff soon My friend recently became lead Java programmer for one of the biggest online-shops in our country, and he doesn'teven  have any degree or qualification... 

yeah i know,you just need to know the stuff as today web and apps can  be done if you just know the stuff.being independent is easy as computer pregrammer these days.


i hope to be an entrepreneur someday


btw what do you do?

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What I'd really like to do is be a professional cricket player though... Here's hoping!

PullusPardus said:
i eat and drink to survive.

Wait,you can survive without getting laid/masturbate?