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Hey everyone me again.  So i was thinking about all the games that i played through when i was younger in my life (5-12) that had such rich deep story's. A very few of these games actually made me tear up when something bad happened or when somebody important in the game died. (Yes i use to cry when i played video games sometimes)

A few of these game i remember that made me Cry was: Zone of the enders 1-2, Final Fantasy 7, and Shadow of the colossus.

So i just wanted to know that was there ever a game you played in your life that made you cry? If so please tell what the game was  (I might wanna try it) and if you can pls tell us what about the game made you cry.   :)


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I remember crying at the end of Final Fantasy: Crisis Core, but I'm not going to say why. It would spoil it for people who haven't played. ~

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Shadow of the Colossus.

'nuff said.

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it might just be me, but i have never been that emotional over a game. course im never that emotional about anything...


nanami fake dying in Suikoden 2 made me cry. hell all suikoden games made me cry!

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Lots of times...MGS4, Persona 3/4, Crisis Core.

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Yes. I've never cried during a really emotional video game cinematic, but Lost Odyssey pulled it out of me.

duke nukem forever

Tetris always seems to get to me. So much emotion in that game.


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mother 3 for a few reasons but not till the very end

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