What was the first video game you ever played. :)

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It was either Spyro PS1 or Pokemon Stadium on N64.
Can't really remember.

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Super Pong! It had two knobs and a switch where you could chose one of about 4 options one brother gave it to the family for xmas. Pong tennis, doubles, one where it reversed and you catch the ball, and I think a solo. I was pretty little but it was cool, but a pain to switch the TV over too.

Later it was my friends Odyssey 2, and we got a Atari 2600 from Sears. It came with 'Combat' and my little bro and me would play tanks, jets, and biplanes often.


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Sonic the Hedgehog for the genesis. i was three years old and i remember it vividly.


Probably this:








etc, etc... I really don't know which my first game was... I was like 4 when I started gaming, lol.



EDIT: I just realized how old the famicom already was when I started playing it. I didn't even know I was behind the times :P I wonder where it is, I should still have it somewhere... or maybe I left it at my grandmother's house when I was young... and if I did then she probably doesn't have it anymore...

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it was either super mario 64 or golden eye or tony hawks or spyro cant remember the first console i got was a n64 and it was super mario 64 but i think i played golden eye at 1 of my mates place b3 and tony hawks and spyro at my other mates who had a playstation

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The first Game I played would on NES at a friends probably Mario or Zelda not sure.
The first system I owned was SEGA Mater System and first Game on it was Phantasy Star at 5 years old. awesome game.

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Crazymann said:
This really illustrates how young this site really is... and the reason for some of the comments on these boards.

But I digress...

First game ever played: Pac-Man when it was NEW in the arcade (1981)
First game ever owned: Combat on the Atari 2600 (1982)

The OP made me feel old, but this post just made me feel young again. Thank you sir.



I think it was some Olympics game for the NES. The one where you ran in place on a mat. Either that or Super Mario/Duck Hunt. 

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I believe that the first game I ever played was Asteroids. My dad's friend had an arcade cabinet in his garage... good times.

The first game I ever owned was Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Amazing game. ^_^

goldeneye i think

First console game... Mario brothers on the NES
First (or at least one of the first PC games) Digger