Are you truly loyal to your chosen console manufacturer?

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I used to be loyal to Sega, but since they died I'm now an MS man. I would consider a switch to Ninty, but if Sony were the only console maker in the game, I would stop playing console games and just upgrade my pc instead.

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i usually buy more then 1 console but this gen i think im sticking only with wii so im becoming loyal to ninty but i dont always defend it to death

If its a good console with good games i'll buy it. I'm happy with my 360, wi, ps3, psp, and especially my ds. Same goes for software. If its a good game or something that i might enjoy then i'll buy it, or at least rent it and give it a try. As for accessories, i usually only buy first party stuff.

I'm mostly loyal to Sony... I have ps and psone - with monitor, original ps2 (launch), psp, ps3 launch, Sony Triniton, Sony Bravia, Sony Cybershot, Sony Erricson Mobile, Sony Stereo, Sony Cd Walkman and some others. I liked Sony when I was a kid and I had the Walkman :D

I have Nintendo crap as well - gba and gc which I used for Final Fantasy stuff - I go where FF goes mostly.

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I used to be a loyal Nintendo fan, but then the N64 and Gamecube came along.

I thought Playstation was the best of the bunch, and that stopped when they said "$600."

For those of you "loyalists"... your loss.

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I buy the console with the best games.

It just so happens, that Nintendo make most of the best games, so my console of choice is usually a Nintendo one.

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I think its more a question of what appeals to you.

Sony's internal studios have games that cater to my interests, and the same things goes to Nintendo. I enjoy their games alot.

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I'm a whore. I'm loyal to gaming. This means Console and PC.

I like fun. I'm not loyal to a large company that wants me to be loyal because it makes their job slightly easier when they have people willing to defend them while they make decisions that are about equal to sodomizing your loyal fanbase. I purchase their goods when I feel it will provide entertainment, I call bullshit on marketing when it fails to deliver on any level. You can do as you please, I'll do as I please, I just disagree with company loyalty. Let companies be loyal to the people who provide for them, not let people provide blindy for companies. Let them provide what is best, what we want. Make them earn it.

Maybe if this were a personal relationship, I'd feel different, as is the nature of business, but this is not person to person, this is Fuzzy to business. Fuzzy, he's a bitter asshole. He also uses psuedonym's in the third person.

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True,I´m also loyal to gaming,not to corporations that don´t give a rat´s ass about me,other than the amount of money I spend on their preoducts.

Who says you have to buy ONLY products from a company to be a loyalist? Does buying products made in China make you not loyal to your country? I think not.

Oh and Gameboy, buying only Nintendo developed games may help their profits, but it hurts them as well since it gives the impression that 3rd parties will not sell on Nintendo consoles.