The ultimate fall of Rare

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Rare made some of my favorite games.  I loved Conker (even bought the Xbox Version and beat it twice), Killer Instinct, the Donkey Kong games, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, and Starfox Adventures.  Rare has a style that makes games look friggin beautiful!  My jaw dropped for DKC, DK64, KI, and SFA.

But I'm not sure I'd be too hyped for more 3D platformers, FPS's (not a genre 8 really enjoy), or fighting games that don't star Ryu.  Rare of old may just be a relic of an older time.  Maybe new Rare is doing what they need to be doing--trying to evolve.  I admit, they haven't blown me away.  I own (but haven't bothered to play) all of the Viva Pinata games, loved Kameo, and respect Kinect Sports.  I still believe that Rare is a good asset for M$ and will be in the future, too.

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