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How many PS3 games will break the 10 million sold barrier?

0 0 0.00%
1 319 38.48%
2 203 24.49%
3 112 13.51%
4 44 5.31%
5 or more 151 18.21%

Looking at the thread for the 360, someone asked the question about how many games for the PS3 would break 10 million, but I don't see a corresponding thread. So I figured I'd ask people here what they think. The closest game as of this post, MW2, is about 8.3 million, and 2 others (GTA4 and CoD4) have passed 5 million. Of course, we have the upcoming GT5, which many think will break through 10 million. So what's your take? Will Move cause some games to pick up in sales, and make more unexpected games? Could GT5 fall short, leaving the system with none? Vote!

EDIT: The hell? Okay, it took away my poll option of '0'... I guess change the first option to '1 or less'?

EDIT2: Poll, you taunt me. I see my 0 in the results... (though it wasn't to be my vote...)


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I can only think of one that even has a chance but I can't see it actually making it...

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Just one, which would be GT5, I'm gonna' say around 12m lifetime to be honest. MW2 could probably crawl past but it'd take a LOOOOOOOOOONG time, infact, I'm gonna' say no that actually.

So yeah, just the one, GT5.

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MW2, GT5

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3 at best - MW2, GT5 and Agent/GTA5.

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GT5,MW2 and the next uber hyped MW3 most likely...

Being a bit optimistic here...I said 2.

1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (will hit 10 million next year. no doubt about it).

2. Gran Turismo 5 (possibly)

All of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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MWF2 and GT5



MW2 and GT5.

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