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< killeryoshis posted something on RavenXtra's wall:

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

No problem :)

on 10 July 2017

< Kerotan posted something on RavenXtra's wall:

I was told not to talk about the current ps4 dominance in Japan in that other thread so made my own. Now you will probably say I can just post in mediacreate or comg threads but so can the guy who made the Nintendo is dominating Japan thread.

The Nintendo guy's thread wasn't reactionary.

on 05 July 2017

But it could also be discussed in this week's mediacreate. Why isn't it told to go there seeing as there is already a thread to discuss it?

on 05 July 2017

Yes because 6 months of data warrants a thread less than 2 weeks of data. Your thread was reactionary and based on a paltry amount of data to come to a conclusion, the other isn't. Would I personally call it dominating? Not necessarily, but it's also not my thread.

on 05 July 2017

It warrants a thread but not when he cherry picks data. Such a title about 6 months deserves proper data from the 6 months. Not selective data. That's why I'm wondering why it's not being told to improve the OP or move to relevant thread.

on 05 July 2017

What is cherry picked again? He's listing sales totals. The Top 10 best selling software and the sales totals for hardware. What exactly is cherry-picked about a simple Top 10 list exactly? I have a feeling a Top 10 would be perfectly fine for you under other circumstances, but for some reason is put under an inordinate amount of scrutiny when it comes to other users.

on 05 July 2017


That goes for here as well, I made my decision and you'll either have to accept it or go to someone above me.

on 05 July 2017

Listing total software sales is more important then listing the top 10. If you did you'd see ps4 software sold a lot more this year then switch. And 3DS actually sold even more then ps4. But just like in a football match, when the referee makes a decision he sticks with it no matter what you say. So I'm accepting it and moving on.

on 05 July 2017

Maybe you should have been told not to make up fake definitions of "dominance" too? :P

on 05 July 2017

"power and influence over others." I didn't make anything up

on 05 July 2017

Pretty weak definition...

Pretty sure Xbox has power and influence over the gaming industry, they just don't have as much as the other major players.

You're not going to start saying Xbox are dominating though are you? Because it's pretty obvious that you need significant power/influence (ie. more so than anyone else) in order to dominate, not just have some.

on 05 July 2017

My point is ps4 was the most dominant over the last 2 weeks. It matches up with the official definition I just provided. You're clutching at straws.

on 05 July 2017

Sales don't prove power and influence though, so no that doesn't match up to the defintion you posted.
You're the one clutching at straws in a desparate attempt to big up all things Sony.

on 05 July 2017

< BraLoD posted something on RavenXtra's wall:

For some reason this new avatar of yours made me think you were Wright XP

It's funny, someone else told me the same thing yesterday xD

on 27 June 2017

So it's not just me? lol

on 27 June 2017

< Ultrashroomz posted something on RavenXtra's wall:


Stop catspreading sexist! I mean hey :o

on 14 June 2017

< BraLoD posted something on RavenXtra's wall:

SUPER avatar!

Though he is one of the worst chars XP

Thanks SUPER much.

I dunno, he seems like a clueless idiot and I like those types of chars XD

on 13 June 2017

Usalia is my fav char from D5, dem references as well, lol.

on 13 June 2017

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NintenDominion | Splatoon 2 Releases Worldwide! | Nintendo Switch Online App Officially Launches!

in Nintendo Discussion 1 day ago

Dammit I missed the pre-orders -_- Signed up for alerts from Best Buy, Amazon, & GameStop so I hopefully don't miss them again...

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NintenDominion | Splatoon 2 Releases Worldwide! | Nintendo Switch Online App Officially Launches!

in Nintendo Discussion 3 days ago

Hoping everyone who bought Splatoon 2 has a blast with it this weekend! Might be a tad early, but if anyone is interested in holding a tournament sometime in the future, please let me know!...

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Media Create/Famitsu/Dengeki - July 10th - 16th 2017

in Latest Charts 3 days ago

Decent numbers for the N2DS LL. Hoping stock issues for the Switch are somewhat sorted for the onslaught of Splatoon 2 buyers for the following week. Also pretty good performance from the PS4 this year, DQ XI driving the hype I'm guessing. Also Ever Oasis.... womp womp womp......


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