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Runa216 said:
chakkra said:

I think at this point you guys should come to terms with the fact that there is absolutely nothing you could say to Runa216. His disappointment with Xbox is just way too deep for any of us.

Anything you guys can say? Naw. You have absolutely no bearing on what Microsoft does in the next 5-8 years. I've been presented with all the evidence, exposed to 10 years of experience, and have not been impressed with anything they've done outside of Ori and Cuphead for the past 10 years (Both of which are on Switch and Cuphead is on PS4). The only thing that'll change my mind is if Microsoft actually fulfills the potential they've been promising for the last decade and entirely too many of you are absolutely certain of.

I gave them a chance. I got an Xbox, barely used it. I got an Xbox 360, bought more games for it than PS2, but it broke within 2 years and I had to get it replaced. Bought an Xbox One within a year of launch and used it less for gaming than I did updating the firmware. They've done nothing in the past 20 years to impress me, and at their absolute best they were unable to outdo Sony at their worst in terms of console sales. They HAD some great franchises, but they seem incapable of making new ones and the ones they do have have been going downhill. 

They lack in quality titles.

They lack in quantity or frequency of release.

They lack in diversity (All their stuff is heavily and exclusively USA/western focused)

They focus on things I don't give a shit about (GamePass and Backwards compatibility)

And the Xbox has literally no exclusives. 

My issue isn't so much with Microsoft as a whole, but Xbox. I have 0 reasons to get an Xbox. I have very few reasons to get Gamepass, and the games Microsoft does own are so homogenized in terms of look and feel that I just don't see myself getting anything that isn't Bethesda-developed. Of all their franchises, the only things I care about are Elder Scrolls and Fallout. I like new Doom but I don't care about it. And unlike Sony, they can't seem to make new IPs work or get the sort of fame that stuff like Horizon or Bloodborne or Ghost of Tsushima. They can't make new franchises, they can barely keep the franchises they have performing at a high level, and I don't think there's much of anything that some random forumgoer can tell me that'll make me completely change my values. 

Until Microsoft actually delivers on those promises - something they historically have not really done a great job doing - I will continue to be soured on the brand. And no, releasing Grounded is not enough. The list people have been giving about all the great games on the platform have me scratching my head, thinking 'wait, that actually came out?' only to google it and find that most people didn't give a shit. 

They have nothing. Not yet. I will gladly change my stance if new evidence is presented, but until that happens they're useless and completely not to my tastes. I'm not buying a console for like 5 games when I can get them all on PC. 

Why don't you just be honest for once and admit that this is all it's really about instead of trying to make a point about some sort of objectivity about the Xbox library because whenever you do, you just showcase your ignorance. Not everything has to be made for you, just like I don't sit here or anywhere else on VGC talking about how much I don't give a shit about Sony's 1st party lineup because nothing interests me. It would at least be a more respectable and understandable take than you trying to make some sort of definitive claim about Microsoft's positioning by telling half-truths either pretending to not know half of the games releasing for it or just plain not knowing.