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    < RolStoppable posted something on MTZehvor's wall:

    Samus Returns is only considered good because it's better than nothing. If we ever have the fortune of a good development team making another 2D Metroid game, Samus Returns will be exposed as the letdown that it is.

    Whatever helps you sleep at night knowing you're of the minority opinion.

    on 29 November 2017

    I held the minority opinion that Switch would be successful and in general I am used to being ahead of the curve. What is a minority opinion now will be common knowledge in the future.

    on 29 November 2017

    So then, are you expecting that Samus Returns will widely be regarded as a letdown in the future, or only if another "good" 2D Metroid game is released? Because I suspect there's a wager to be made if it's the former.

    on 29 November 2017

    A wager based on something like this isn't a good idea, because how exactly would you define the conditions that need to be met?

    Not that I am interested in a wager. Just saying that even if I were, it would be a headache to set up and go through with it.

    on 29 November 2017

    I was thinking we'd wait a few months and then create a topic on a Metroid fansite of some sort (say the Metroid subreddit) asking people if they still think the game holds up well compared to the rest of the series or not. If the majority of people say yes, I win, and if not, you win.

    Wouldn't be difficult to set up or measure at all. I'd have no problems hosting it here as well if I wasn't nearly 100% sure it'd just get buried under discussion for dozens of other more popular games.

    on 29 November 2017

    < Angelus posted something on MTZehvor's wall:

    Why did you add random guys like Romo and Tebow to shad's roster? Shouldn't you add back all the guys he dropped?

    The former two were a prank; he obsesses over Romo and Tebow all the time.

    To the latter, he should have just about everyone he had before the drop; adding in all the reserves was going to be time consuming, and it didn't seem to be that important, so I wasn't going to bother.

    on 21 November 2017

    Well I'm asking because leaving guys like Dak and CJ Anderson just sitting there on waivers is a pretty big deal.

    on 21 November 2017

    Anderson had been benched by Shad and has put up an average of 5 points a week over the past six weeks. Given how anemic the Denver offense has been, I'm not terribly worried about him pushing some contender over the edge.

    As for Prescott, he just put up -1.2 points. I can add him back if you're worried, but I don't think he's going to be good at least until Elliott is back.

    on 21 November 2017

    I mean if nobody else's not likely to affect me personally, just seems like somebody is bound to be very annoyed if they end up being caught out by those guys

    on 21 November 2017

    Btw, I think you should take over shad's team and make sure that an actual team gets started. It's rather a bit unfair to Dongo and Arminillo fighting over playoff position with Noble, that he should just get a free win because shad is a bad sport.

    on 23 November 2017

    Thought I had done that...I'll look into it.

    on 25 November 2017

    < Angelus posted something on MTZehvor's wall:

    If we keep the league going next year, could we make it like a half point ppr? I've only played standard so far, which isn't saying much since this is only my second time playing ff, but I like the idea of ppr.

    I'd certainly be willing to consider it. It's probably an issue we wouldn't take up until we know who will be participating next year, though.

    on 09 November 2017

    < Angelus posted something on MTZehvor's wall:

    Do we have a trade deadline in our league?


    on 02 November 2017

    Your friend Shad makes a lot of troll trade offers. Darkwa, ASJ, and Hopkins for AJ Green, Ingram, and Doug Martin......? Fucking legit

    on 02 November 2017

    Yeah, I'm sorry about him. He's just an idiot. I can put a deadline close to the end of the season if you want.

    on 02 November 2017

    I was mostly just curious if we had one. I suppose it might not be a bad idea to have one before the playoffs start though. Don't know how everyone else feels about it, but I don't really love the idea of people shuffling pieces around in the playoffs.

    on 02 November 2017

    For what it's worth, he says he offered the wrong player by accident. He meant to offer Aaron Jones (Packers RB) rather than ASJ.

    on 02 November 2017

    You said SCAB actually replied to you in an email once right? Are you sure that was a real thing that happened? I can't get this guy to respond to anything in any way, shape, or form.

    on 03 November 2017

    My suspicion is that he's getting as sick of your trade requests as you are for Shad's. =p

    on 04 November 2017

    Dude should be jumping at my trade requests. With Garcon on IR, he official has no useful WRs on his team. I'm willing to give him like 3 for Freeman or Shady that would more than offset the loss of said players production. I think he's just blind or something

    on 04 November 2017

    < RolStoppable posted something on MTZehvor's wall:

    You don't know what you are talking about. Haha!

    Depending on who you ask, that's nothing new.

    on 08 August 2016

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    George Lucas Was Right About the Star Wars Fanbase

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    JWeinCom said:  After TFA, one would think that there would be a number of priorities for its sequel. Fleshing out the characters of Snoke, Finn, and Rey. Give Phasma some screen time after she was so thoroughly ignored in TFA. TLJ gets around to, at best, two of these, and one hardly counts considering that they take the time to characterize Snoke and then proceed to...

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    George Lucas Was Right About the Star Wars Fanbase

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    [VOTE] [POLL] IGN's Best Remake/Remaster

    in Gaming Discussion 17 hours ago

    mZuzek said: Voted for Metroid because come on dude. If "other" wasn't an option though, N. Sane Trilogy. Not that I've played any of the others :-P (edit: oh yeah, MK8D. I've played that one too, but eh, not a fan.) I don't think IGN was counting Samus Returns. I guess it is technically a remake of Metroid II, but it's been revamped so heavily and adds so much new stuff that I...


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