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    < BraLoD posted something on DonFerrari's wall:

    Did you took a leave from the site?

    Feels like I don't see you around here for some good time already.

    Yep been a good time I have been away... I enter the main page at least 2 times a week, read some of the posts, but don't feel the urge to comment... done today to congrats kerotan.

    on 18 April 2016

    I see, hope you can get back into activity in the forums soon enough.

    on 18 April 2016

    hope to see more good threads to get motivated

    on 20 April 2016

    We need some new Gran Turismo news XP

    on 20 April 2016

    It's coming, believe in it. For now I'm finishing Project Cars (not that great, unfortunately) and playing FF X/X-2 HD Remaster

    on 21 April 2016

    < Zappykins posted something on DonFerrari's wall:

    I saw DonFerrari85 was banned and almost had a heart attack! Don't get banned dude.

    Oww that was because alt accounts that were used to talk to mods got permabanned. I don't plan on getting perma, don't worry.

    How are things man?

    on 30 November 2015

    Had a good holiday (in the states) haven't been playing much. Think ok, how about you?

    on 30 November 2015

    I have been writing the 3rd book of my trilogy and playing games I never had the interest before, like ac and farcry

    on 01 December 2015

    < ethomaz posted something on DonFerrari's wall:

    I aleady said to the mod team I really don't care what they want to ban me or not ;)

    I don't think I will ever reach this level of conversation here:

    on 24 November 2015

    I see,,, I like you around here. And hope they see that the modding isn't very fair, they can van you if you break forum rules, but to create a special criteria to ban you even you praise MS or just put facts is strange

    on 24 November 2015

    I don't know if it is fair to say that but I think my ban was fair but how they handled it was the worst possible.

    Making threats or trying to put fear in my veins just shows how desperate they are... they can't handle what happens in the forum anymore because they are inconsistents.

    Any other guy saying the same things that me get free pass but when it is my case they always find a way to try create a excuse to ban me... I mean if I'm banned then ban others guys with similar postures... if they want to make me a example to the community then ban me without need to create excuses for exceptions.

    I read all the talk in the thread... I read people guessed I was a alt lol (I never did that except to talk with Axum until him give me his Facebook to talk about mod issues... VGC had no mod team channel to talk about moderation and bans... now they created a email I guess). I'm not the type of guy that hold behind alts or lies... I hold my way with my real life identity no matter what... I don't have any issue discussing what I think or post in the forums.

    But if they want to block me from MS related threads... well they do that or ban me forever... I won't hold myself when there is nothing wrong in post in threads like that.

    I don't know even if I'm right to be fair but I guess the mod team is not right too.
    I guess I need to became a mod here lol :D

    on 24 November 2015

    Agree with all you said... and that was what I said in the thread... that I hope if they hold you on this close leash that they do the same to other users... there is a plethora of MS users doing far worse and more frequent than you, that seems to get free pass on the interest of keeping a MS community in here.

    on 24 November 2015

    RIP Ethomaz. 19xx-2015. Press X to pay respects.

    on 10 December 2015

    Very sad indeed

    on 10 December 2015

    The last post he made was on a thread that I got banned for making :( Didn't know his was permanent...Pity, We'll see you again on the 9th of July, 2110.

    on 18 January 2016

    I always though it was 2010, it was in the past but definitive.

    Well it's sad, but he didn't want to comply.

    on 19 January 2016

    < COKTOE posted something on DonFerrari's wall:

    "A victim of TheDrill astute manipulations and fiercefull defense of X1." What the hell does that mean? Lol. I really hated that guy.

    He wasn't a Xbox fan... he was a Sony fan undercover that used all his time here to portray himself as a diehard fanboy as a way to ridicularize the Xbox fanbase...

    So when I proposed the bet on the terms he said with X1 wining and he kept refusing to accept it, it was because his intention was always trolling X1 so he wouldn't accept to be permabanned for it. Ended up that he was perma because of his tolling intentions =]

    on 25 October 2015

    Really? I didn't realize that was how things played out with The Dill. There was a spell where I didn't come to the site that often. Thanks for the info. Bizarre stuff!

    on 25 October 2015

    You're wellcome. It was comical

    on 26 October 2015

    < XanderXT posted something on DonFerrari's wall:

    I loved Ferrari when I was young.

    Me too and my parent is ferrari in surname

    on 29 September 2015

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    Scientists on Climate Change: "Why would we f@ck with you!?"

    in Politics Discussion 1 hour ago

    Well, there are scientists lying through their teeth with very weak studies determining that more gun equal more killing and that the sex pay gap is 30% while subtracting a lot of important information. So yes, scientists would fuck us up for a lot of reasons. But on climate change there is no doubt it's happening, but there isn't one study that can conclude with enough confidence the reasons...

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    Sunny Sanghera Of Ubisoft Floored By Unnanounced PS4 Exclusive

    in Sony Discussion 1 hour ago

    KLXVER said: If he got that reaction it must be one hell of a game......or he just really loves GT. GT is one hell of a fucking great game....

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    Global Weekly Chart - The Full Month Of April

    in Latest Charts 1 hour ago

    PS4 missing 1.6M to get a 2:1 against X1... on the rithm things have going that won't happen until next year. A lot of people were expecting this to happen before April started. But then we don't have any hard data to X1. But since we do have USA total from NPD and we can assume the proportion against total from earlier in the gen and from last gen. 21M isn't much far from truth imho....


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