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    < SWORDF1SH posted something on DonFerrari's wall:

    Loving the new avatar! Must of been some super clever guy who made that!

    You were the first to notice

    on 04 July 2016

    I didn't notice because I was gone all day. But seeing the cast of Love Hina with Don Mattrick heads is... disturbing.

    on 05 July 2016

    You should thank this gallant guy

    on 05 July 2016

    disturbingly cute! Right?

    on 05 July 2016


    on 05 July 2016

    < SWORDF1SH posted something on DonFerrari's wall:

    Hey Don! Why are you not using that lovely avatar I made for you?

    I don't remember receiving an avatar from you, can you please refresh my mind?

    on 02 July 2016

    Lol it was the Don Mattrick one. I think it's buried in a thread somewhere.

    on 02 July 2016

    If you have it I may use it, even though I'm quite attatched to my lovehina avatar

    on 02 July 2016

    So you can't remember it? I spent a whole 5 minutes working on it you ungrateful bratt! lol

    I'm just kidding anyway. I made it to take the piss out of you, not so you'd use it but it is that amazing you'll want to use it.

    on 02 July 2016

    I'm quite hard to piss. You see, I don't stand close to naked man.

    on 02 July 2016

    Yeah, maybe that saying is lost in translation lol

    on 02 July 2016

    BTW, do you think it's a little strange to get naked to pee?

    on 02 July 2016

    No it wasn't, I know what to piss of someone means, I just used free translation to deflect with a pun. Yes it's, but when I was a child I would take my paints bellow the ass point.

    on 02 July 2016

    I know you know. Your understanding of English is very good.

    Out of curiosity, are there any Brazilian sayings that sound weird in English?

    on 02 July 2016

    There would be a lot probably, I would have to think. But I know of some "translations" that we use when mocking...

    dessert is "over the table" because in portuguese it's "sobremesa" for example.

    There is another using a folk character from the 80's (mussum) that would finish a lot of this words with "is" so the actor Keanu Reeves for him would be Ke anu horrivis (what a bad year)

    on 02 July 2016


    on 03 July 2016

    How do I add images on here?

    on 03 July 2016

    I have no idea

    on 04 July 2016

    < Veknoid_Outcast posted something on DonFerrari's wall:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on PlayStation! It was interesting to read where we overlap and where we diverge :)

    Also, you need to get on those Team Ico games!

    I gave the first step, buying them =] now I need to get back to play... And on the Nintendo games I played recently, pokken was very good.

    on 18 June 2016

    < FloatingWaffles posted something on DonFerrari's wall:

    To be fair, it was the OP that started that whole thing in the first place. He allowed the thread to enter into that type of talk when he made that comment, which is the only reason why I even wrote that in the first place. So one can make the argument that I shouldn't have resorted to replying to it like that, but still I didn't necessarily even derail it rather I just replied to something he said. In fact i'm writing this on your profile just because I don't wanna derail that thread.

    The OP can't derail a thread on the OP... he basically decides the topic of the thread... you know you were derailing and even said in the very first post "you didn't want to derail". And the mod said if you didn't wanted it you could have not answered like that or at least dropped it after the first post. But you kept going. And beware that LudicrousSpeed don't have the same intentions as you when criticizing the OP.

    on 18 June 2016

    And of course, if you fell the OP is against the rules or can cause bad discussions it's better to report to OP then to make comments that can end up creating more flames.

    on 18 June 2016

    I'm not saying that he derailed it, i'm saying by adding that into there at the end he opened that door to that kind of conversation though when it wasn't needed in the first place. The thread would have been fine talking about what games Sony didn't show at E3 by itself, I don't know why he went ahead and added a quick jab in at the end there when it wasn't needed. And I didn't edit my post to make it less aggressive, I feel like the reason why I threw that in there wasn't obvious so I changed it to reflect that. Also what do you mean about the last part?

    on 18 June 2016

    And yeah i'll be the first to agree that the way I responded obviously wasn't the best way to, especially when it made me look like a big ass Nintendo fanboy when i'm not even a fanboy of any of them Iike all of the companies.

    on 18 June 2016

    Well man. I don't agree that he opened the door... because if by saying Sony had a better show than MS that opens up to comparison with all other companies then any thread comparing 2 things can enter a discussion of anything else.

    Well one could say you sounded like a fanboy, but you didn't said you preffered the game or that it was better than all sony showed, just that they had more buzz on the source you had.

    on 18 June 2016

    You raise some good points and I agree. In my mind when I heard the news these past few days of how Zelda got the most media attraction during E3, at least according to source I saw, I thought it was really ironic that he would take a jab at Microsoft like that and then go on to brag about all the games Sony showed or didn't show so that's why I posted it. Perhaps this just isn't one of my best Vgchartz moments though.

    on 18 June 2016

    I do feel like he opened the door with that unnecessary jab though but I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree on that one. You seem like a chill person though, glad we could have a civil talk about this considering a lot of others in that thread don't even realize why I posted that.

    on 18 June 2016

    Oww I see your point... you aren't saying that because he compared two companies he invited a comparison to a third. But since he trashed one of the said companies while there was another one that were doing better (at least in one metric you had access) then he opened himself to backlash, on that I do agree. But it still was kinda off-topic and why CGI asked you to not keep going at it. Although our mods are very fair they are also very strict at times.

    on 18 June 2016

    The link to source saying Sony had a lot more buzz on E3 than Nintendo.

    on 18 June 2016

    < BraLoD posted something on DonFerrari's wall:

    Did you took a leave from the site?

    Feels like I don't see you around here for some good time already.

    Yep been a good time I have been away... I enter the main page at least 2 times a week, read some of the posts, but don't feel the urge to comment... done today to congrats kerotan.

    on 18 April 2016

    I see, hope you can get back into activity in the forums soon enough.

    on 18 April 2016

    hope to see more good threads to get motivated

    on 20 April 2016

    We need some new Gran Turismo news XP

    on 20 April 2016

    It's coming, believe in it. For now I'm finishing Project Cars (not that great, unfortunately) and playing FF X/X-2 HD Remaster

    on 21 April 2016

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    Sony needs PS4 to sell ~100m+ to match last gens sales

    in Gaming Discussion 23 minutes ago

    pokoko said: Slarvax said: This is funny and all, but ya'll know the PS4 will sell more than that ;-) Edit: also, Kerotan's thread impressed OP so much, it took him 1 week to react, and another to write the reaction thread! L'esprit de l'escalier or l'esprit d'escalier ("staircase wit") is a French term used in English for...

    Write 215

    Uncharted 4 surpasses Halo 5 in global total sales

    in Sales Discussion 40 minutes ago

    Miyamotoo said: DonFerrari said:   Do you have any number to show that doubling userbase increase 50% the sale of a franchise?     I dont talk about franchises, and thats relly hard to prove but thats a simple logic, game will sell better on bigger instal base than on smaller, clear fact. Imagine that PS4 has instal base of around 20m, logical assumption...

    Write 29

    Sony needs PS4 to sell ~100m+ to match last gens sales

    in Gaming Discussion 42 minutes ago

    Slarvax said: This is funny and all, but ya'll know the PS4 will sell more than that ;-) Edit: also, Kerotan's thread impressed OP so much, it took him 1 week to react, and another to write the reaction thread! It was a shock...


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