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    < Mr Puggsly posted something on DonFerrari's wall:

    good - to be desired or approved of.

    profit - a financial gain, especially the difference between the amount earned and the amount spent in buying, operating, or producing something.

    English not your first language? Good and big are not synonyms.

    No loss =/= profit, and that also isn't desired or approved.

    Unless you can show Sony saying they were making good profit by not making loss your mention of english not being my first language is irrelevant.

    on 13 May 2019

    PS3 hardware became profitable in 2010, that's the official word I see.

    I'm not suggesting no loss is profit, I'm saying it was profitable.

    on 14 May 2019

    That isn't how the tagged post is written.

    on 14 May 2019

    < Kerotan posted something on DonFerrari's wall:

    Almost at 20k!

    It is a long road.

    on 23 February 2019

    < Oneeee-Chan!!! posted something on DonFerrari's wall:

    Don't you get tired ?

    Of what? I'm usually someone full of energy

    on 14 December 2018

    < BraLoD posted something on DonFerrari's wall:

    Hey, do you have a 3DS? Forgot to ask for your friend code on my Pokemon Y thread.

    I have but I barely use =p
    I don't think we have one another on PSN

    on 18 September 2018

    Really? Add me there then, it's BraLoD!
    Well, get the dust out of it and gimme your friend code too, I'll get mine here in a moment

    on 18 September 2018

    My code is 1092 4164 1572

    on 18 September 2018


    on 18 September 2018

    Need yours, it only works both ways apparently, as arcaid as it may sounds, lol.

    on 18 September 2018

    kkkk so I'll give it at night.

    on 19 September 2018

    < Azuren posted something on DonFerrari's wall:

    Is he strawmanning you, too? Or just making inane posts?

    Well, he is an old mate for me here in VGC on his eternal defense of MS and all MS do.

    He and some other 3 guys pretend to be neutral, never do console wars, etc but they are very quick to jump in to defend MS, attack Sony and say it is everyone else fault that VGC is always attempting to criticize MS, etc.

    I have no issue saying I favor Sony and just criticizes them in very few occasions, but for some reason they think they are superior because they claim to be neutral.

    I have yet to see any of them concede any mistake or shortcoming from MS.

    I have had times with them like posting 10 arguments counters and all being ignored for them to claim another point rinse and repeat.

    Don't need to bother much with him. He also got a lot of warnings for crying foul in threads and playing victim card.

    on 17 August 2018

    I have been forbidden to reply to him =p

    on 27 August 2018


    on 27 August 2018

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    Write 60

    Gears of War - Metacritic (currently 85)

    in Microsoft Discussion on 13 September 2019

    And for the complains of Gears 5 being a better game than Gears 4 and should have a better score, it still is 1 point above. Also just remember that even though the publication is the same it is likely that the review was made by different people so the fact the reviewer think the game is better the score may be lower (because it wasn't his score on the previous game). ...

    Write 60

    Gears of War - Metacritic (currently 85)

    in Microsoft Discussion on 13 September 2019

    JRPGfan said: Currently 85... thread says 86. When I started the thread it was 86. Thanks for call. ...

    Write 60

    Gears of War - Metacritic (currently 85)

    in Microsoft Discussion on 13 September 2019

    Pemalite said: DonFerrari said: Well it isn't just in the same timeframe but they also compare to the best games that released within the same gen. We have seem many great games score within 85-90 even though we personally though it deserved 95, and usually it have to do with reviewers not evaluating what the game is and have, but what they wanted to be, what it doesn't have...


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