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    < BraLoD posted something on DonFerrari's wall:

    360 posts desde que eu te parabenizei pelos 11mil... coincidencia? Eu acho que nao!

    Finalmente descobri sua conta aqui, Don... Mattrick!

    Se escondeu atras dessas 13 fotos do seu rosto para parecer que era zoeira... mas era realmente voce!

    on 23 December 2016

    Criou um falso gosto por carros para adicionar o Ferrari enquanto tambem poderia manter o Don no nome sem causar suspeitas!

    on 23 December 2016

    Merda, fui descoberto... eu sou o doppelganger do TheDrill

    on 23 December 2016

    < mjk45 posted something on DonFerrari's wall:

    thanks for the multi quote info cheers.

    No problem, glad it was usefull.

    on 03 December 2016

    < BraLoD posted something on DonFerrari's wall:

    Parabens pelos 11 mil posts!

    Eu lembro que ano passado tinha um monte de brasileiros bem perto um do outro brigando pelo segundo lugar aqui, la pelos 6mil posts cada, mas desde la, nos dois demos uma bela distanciada xP

    E olha que eu não posto com muia frequência. E olha que parece que foi mês passado que eu estava celebrando internamente meus 10 mil posts. E sem nenhum spamming.

    on 28 November 2016

    Pois eh, o povo deu uma boa parada, eu tambem, mes passado quase abandonei o site de vez, mas agora to postando bastante de novo xP

    10000 te da aquele insignia do Kratos maneira, pena que depois so a de 50000, so Shadow of the Colossus, eh maneira tambem xP

    on 28 November 2016

    50k, vai demorar um bom tempo, não sou do grupo de loucos como o Pezus, Spurgeon, etc;

    on 28 November 2016

    Acho que ate hoje so o Spurge tem, o Pezus nao pegou mas o Rol ta perto. Depois dele... so o Ka-pi, acho, mas ele vem postando bem menos...

    Vai demorar muito, nao to nem na metade ainda, entao vai mais ou menos us tres anos a mais nesse meu ritmo de conversar aqui xP

    on 28 November 2016

    Ainda mais com a falta de assuntos e postagem de vendas

    on 28 November 2016

    Bom, sempre tem uma zoeira pra ser feita xP

    on 28 November 2016

    Não tenho certeza... As zoeiras feitas pela base da MS parece conseguir mais leniência dos moderadores do que as feitas pela base da Sony, talvez para compensar a falta de usuários para suportar a MS. Esse pessoal só ficava ativo quando o X360 estava ganhando.

    on 29 November 2016

    Mas isso vai acontecer sempre, se o Scorpio de algum jeito vender mais que o PS4, o que eu duvido, vai ter muito Sonysta indo embora ou so aparecendo aqui e ali.

    on 29 November 2016

    Não cara, mesmo quando o PS3 estava apanhando geral ainda tinha muito seguidor da Sony no site.

    on 29 November 2016

    < SWORDF1SH posted something on DonFerrari's wall:

    Loving the new avatar! Must of been some super clever guy who made that!

    You were the first to notice

    on 04 July 2016

    I didn't notice because I was gone all day. But seeing the cast of Love Hina with Don Mattrick heads is... disturbing.

    on 05 July 2016

    You should thank this gallant guy

    on 05 July 2016

    disturbingly cute! Right?

    on 05 July 2016


    on 05 July 2016

    < SWORDF1SH posted something on DonFerrari's wall:

    Hey Don! Why are you not using that lovely avatar I made for you?

    I don't remember receiving an avatar from you, can you please refresh my mind?

    on 02 July 2016

    Lol it was the Don Mattrick one. I think it's buried in a thread somewhere.

    on 02 July 2016

    If you have it I may use it, even though I'm quite attatched to my lovehina avatar

    on 02 July 2016

    So you can't remember it? I spent a whole 5 minutes working on it you ungrateful bratt! lol

    I'm just kidding anyway. I made it to take the piss out of you, not so you'd use it but it is that amazing you'll want to use it.

    on 02 July 2016

    I'm quite hard to piss. You see, I don't stand close to naked man.

    on 02 July 2016

    Yeah, maybe that saying is lost in translation lol

    on 02 July 2016

    BTW, do you think it's a little strange to get naked to pee?

    on 02 July 2016

    No it wasn't, I know what to piss of someone means, I just used free translation to deflect with a pun. Yes it's, but when I was a child I would take my paints bellow the ass point.

    on 02 July 2016

    I know you know. Your understanding of English is very good.

    Out of curiosity, are there any Brazilian sayings that sound weird in English?

    on 02 July 2016

    There would be a lot probably, I would have to think. But I know of some "translations" that we use when mocking...

    dessert is "over the table" because in portuguese it's "sobremesa" for example.

    There is another using a folk character from the 80's (mussum) that would finish a lot of this words with "is" so the actor Keanu Reeves for him would be Ke anu horrivis (what a bad year)

    on 02 July 2016


    on 03 July 2016

    How do I add images on here?

    on 03 July 2016

    I have no idea

    on 04 July 2016

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    PS4: God of War Update Will Be Revealed When Gameplay Trailer Reaches 15 Million Views

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    BraLoD said: DonFerrari said: poor post count Well, xp > post count, so no problem. true true...

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    The Nintendo Switch will have paid online. And it's all your fault.

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