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< Ka-pi96 posted something on *Sound Of Rain's wall:

Nice avatar

It's a Rain Monster :-P

2 days ago

< ganoncrotch posted something on *Sound Of Rain's wall:

Your thread regarding the ps4 being "lame" didn't defend itself at all in the OP like you think it did, you called a system a fairly flame inciting name and then you claimed that Kinect 2.0 feels new to the table. I mean surely you understand that simple advancements in what a system already does isn't exactly new.

I would say if you make any post on here with any console name in it and claim it to be lame some people will just come in heavy on you for your opinion since that is all it is, there is no facts that the system which is hardware wise the most powerful console for gaming is "lame". Those heavy posters who go above replying to your thoughts and just go right into attacks on you, ya know what happens to them? they get reported too , you might not do it yourself but there have been many threads similar to the one you made which got locked where while the OP makes a statement which clearly will get flamed I also go and report any and all posts where the OP is being attacked beyond the scope of the flame worthy OP message.

As for it being a website issue that the mods here crack down on things before they turn into flame wars, I completely disagree with that 100%, the only reason I stay on VGchartz is the moderation team here who are all pretty damn decent at making sure that the place remains civil, you have to remember that ioi has some pretty upperclass customers who use the Pro data here so I can't imagine he would want a forum attached to his serious business which is just people flinging shit at each other.

Sorry if you took/take it personally that I reported your thread btw, tis really nothing against you but some threads will clearly turn sour sooner or later if they do stay open mate.

No hard feeling against you although I still don't understand how it would be my fault if someone else got banned. If they don't read, it's their fault, not mine. It was only my opinion that the PS4 seemed like nothing new right out of the box. Heck, I even said I'm enjoying the system.

We aren't 5. Calling something "lame" (in a joking way at that) shouldn't be bad

2 days ago

There really wasn't anything in the thread at all that suggested you were joking when you called it names and indeed you are correct people, for the most part people on this forum are not 5 so that is why it's best to stick to numbers and facts than calling a system "Lame"

As for why is it your fault if someone else gets banned for flaming you? it's in the forum rules as part 10.3 " Bait threads will be locked and you will be moderated for them. " so you should be thankful really that you just had the thread closed and didn't get moderated for it, especially considering you went on to break another rule complaining about the moderators on here, seeeee they have some love for you clearly :)

2 days ago

I like all the mods on a personal level. We have an odd relationship though because I do feel that they are too strict.

2 days ago

You say that there was no indication that it was in a playful way. The thread was serious but the word lame was used in a playful way. I said I enjoy the system, how is that not an indication? I respect your opinion but I think people are being way too sensitive

2 days ago

You should remember too that while Lame is a fairly light hearted way to knock something that English isn't everyone on heres first language Lame sort of means a horse you would put down too :D so if someone was directly translating to English then your thread definately attacks the ps4 more than you would have meant.

I'm Irish tho... we think everything everyone is saying is about spuds... all the time.

2 days ago

< AZWification posted something on *Sound Of Rain's wall:

I'm sorry.

For what?

on 15 October 2014

Well, for being mean to you.

on 15 October 2014

All you did was call me a moron and told me to get some help or fuck off. It's fine. I did worse in my joke threads :-)

Although, I was joking and you were...misled. So, yeah, we're cool.

on 15 October 2014

Yay! We're all friends again! :-)

6 days ago

I was never not friends...

6 days ago

I know. But AZW seemed a bit upset with you for a while. I'm just glad there are no hard feelings and we're all cool again. :-)

6 days ago

< fatslob-:O posted something on *Sound Of Rain's wall:

Well, I guess people here should be apologizing for doubting you ...

Welcome back in any case.

Don't be a bully! AZWification fell for SOF's trolling! I think we can forgive him.

on 15 October 2014

I like being a bully though ... :(

on 15 October 2014

< *Sound Of Rain updated his status:

I'm Back Buddies!


on 15 October 2014

Yay, welcome back *hugs*

on 15 October 2014

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Nintendo Character Elimination Game

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+ Olimar - Donkey Kong...

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Your reasons for the PS4 winning this generation despite being the most powerful console.

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daredevil.shark said: MohammadBadir said:If you count the Steamboxes, it's not themist powerful :P You you count stemboxes then all consoles are weak. Point was about consoles. Not PC. Do you see that tongue at the end, it means he was kidding......

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Your reasons for the PS4 winning this generation despite being the most powerful console.

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Sony has managed to create a trusted & recognized brand in the console market. Sony has done what Nintendo has done in the HH gaming market or what Apple has done with Smartphones. People know that they will get their money's worth with the PS brand. Keep your existing consumers happy & they will come back....


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