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    < Turkish posted something on leatherhat's wall:


    < benao87 posted something on leatherhat's wall:

    Not sure if you guys can listen to grooveshark, but here:


    Thanks for the link, its even better than I expected

    on 15 May 2013

    < Salnax posted something on leatherhat's wall:

    It's that time of month again! Participate in the gamrconnect Most Wanted: March 2013 edition by clicking the link below.


    < tbone51 posted something on leatherhat's wall:


    < leatherhat updated his status:


    From the best album of last year

    < Smeags posted something on leatherhat's wall:

    Hey you! Yeah you! Finish your list. I won't mind. :3

    right, ill get on it

    on 29 December 2012

    Its up

    on 29 December 2012

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeet. Thanks LeatherHat. It's a great list o' games.

    on 29 December 2012

    < MARCUSDJACKSON posted something on leatherhat's wall:

    my grandmother bought me a leather jacket but it didn't fit. i usually ware 4XL, and she got XL

    A big man needs a big jacket, and a big hat

    on 29 December 2012

    next christmas i'll have the jacket.

    on 29 December 2012

    Ill bring the ten gallon head warmer

    on 29 December 2012


    on 17 January 2013

    < DemoniOtaku posted something on leatherhat's wall:

    HEY! Merry Cristsmasts!

    Merry belated christmas

    on 29 December 2012

    < Salnax posted something on leatherhat's wall:

    Hello. I noticed you haven't voted in this month's Most Wanted feature yet. If you are interested, click the link below.


    < Smeags posted something on leatherhat's wall:

    Hey there, and thanks again for participating in the Top 50 Games event! Tomorrow starts our descent into the top 10, where our most beloved games are placed (can't wait to see what they are!).

    Just wanted to let you know that, if you want to, you may complete your lists in the Official Thread. I'm always looking for a way to easy my workload... so starting to tally your choices early would be nice!

    You don't have to if you don't want to of course, as long as I have your complete list by December 31st! Whatever makes things easier for you works for me. Anyways, happy holidays and thanks again for celebrating your favorite games with the rest of us. Cheers. ^_^

    < sethnintendo posted something on leatherhat's wall:

    Just letting you know that you are neglecting your list


    Whoops. Thanks for the heads up, I went away on vacation and forgot all about it.

    on 12 December 2012

    < MARCUSDJACKSON posted something on leatherhat's wall:


    Not much you?

    on 02 December 2012

    same. PS3 YoY is my highlight right now.

    on 02 December 2012

    So much for that

    on 17 January 2013

    < noname2200 posted something on leatherhat's wall:

    Hello! You are cordially invited to join our community for the fourth, and likely last, Wii Secret Santa event! If you're interested, just PM me or post in this thread:


    by December 20th.

    Alternatively, if you're more into PC gaming at the moment, you can join us for VGChartz' third Steam Secret Santa event instead. Just PM me, or post in this thread:


    by the 20th.

    Either way, have a happy holiday season, and see you around the forums!

    < Salnax posted something on leatherhat's wall:

    Hello. I noticed that you haven't voted in this month's Most Wanted Feature yet. If you would like to do so, the link is below.


    < Smeags posted something on leatherhat's wall:

    Just reminding you that the Top 50 Event has started, and that you're missed! Click here for the Official Thread so that you can start your list. Thanks again! ^_^

    < BasilZero posted something on leatherhat's wall:

    Who is in your avatar? ;o

    Guts from Berserk

    on 22 August 2012


    on 22 August 2012

    < Kenology posted something on leatherhat's wall:

    Just saw your post after the thread was locked. But just to respond, Somalia is not in a Civil War, hasn't been in a while. In 1996, the Jendayi Frazier forced Ethiopia to invade Somalia after Union of Islamic Courts disposed of the warlords who were on the US payroll. UIC was the most stability Somalia has had since, arguably, "independence" in 1960. Eventually, UIC would be removed and a more extreme Al Shabab would be born. They're fight African Union troops (from countries run by US stooges - i.e. Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, etc). It's not a civil war by any stretch. Somaliland and Puntland are pretty much autonomous regions with their own governments and are not embroiled in conflict at all. The US has expanded their drone wars to Somali as well. It was never about UN aid, even back in '93. There was much more going on in Somalia than what most are led to believe.

    So an armed uprising of Islamists in the south of Somalia against the Somalian government is not a civil war. Sure why not. Semantics aside Somalia is still being torn apart from the inside.

    on 13 August 2012

    The Somali Transitional Federal Government (TFG) is not legitimate! Are you getting your info from the US state department or something? That government was NEVER elected and was chosen and legitimized by Westerners (namely the US, who want them in power). The people do not want them. And there is NO civil war in Somali... for the longest time the so-called government of Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed only had jurisdiction of a small town called Baidoa. Only recently were they able to take control of parts of Mogadishu (with the help of US airstrikes, drone attacks, and AU troops on the ground). The newest stooge, Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, is a complete joke. You really have no clue about what's going on... It's not your fault though. The media is purposefully misleading. Plus, it'd be hard for you to understand the complexities of the conflict without ever having been there.

    on 14 August 2012

    < happydolphin posted something on leatherhat's wall:

    Your axe will come in handy, as your support is appreciated.

    WHOA! How romantic ;o

    on 22 August 2012

    < estherlove4u posted something on leatherhat's wall:


    My name is Esther, I am a very good, nice and respectful young girl of love, Caring, Supportive, Sincere, Easy going, Romantic and of good reputation. I am looking for a very nice and understandable man of integrity, Immediately going through your profile here on www.gamrconnect.vgchartz.com, I pick interest in you, Therefore I will like you to reply my message with mentioned E-mail address (esther1900larry@rocketmail.com) so I will give you my pictures and more about me so we can move forward. Dear, I need someone who is seriously for friendship, Not those that play with someones heart.

    Thanks Esther.

    < Boutros posted something on leatherhat's wall:

    COMG is back!

    Hell yeah!

    on 18 June 2012

    I will add a late "Sweet"!

    on 21 July 2012

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