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< Chrizum teenage angst has paid off well, now i'm bored and old
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< Zappykins posted something on Chrizum's wall:

Team Axolotl!

< Chrizum updated his status:

teenage angst has paid off well, now i'm bored and old

You'll be old in 17 years.

on 21 March 2014

< Kaizar posted something on Chrizum's wall:

Check out the awesomeness of 2014:

Or else what?

on 30 November 2013

Or else..........nothing, except that you will miss out on some awesome info & awesome content. (LOL)

on 30 November 2013

< Zappykins posted something on Chrizum's wall:

Wow, welcome back, haven't seen your post in a long time. (I like how Axolotls always smile.)

Thanks. I never really left the website, just got bored with it and only posted a couple of times a week. With the new consoles around the corner, things have started getting interesting again though. ;-)

on 09 October 2013

Yes, I remember I used to see your fluffy gills and smiling face all the time. Did you pre order yet? Whatcha gunna get?

on 09 October 2013

I own a Wii U, but I hardly use it. That will probably change with Watch Dogs and Mario Kart.

I'm not getting a PS4 or X1. Not because I wouldn't like them but my house is filled to the brim with consoles already. I'm done with new sytems for the forseeable future.

How 'bout you?

on 11 October 2013

I would love to get an Xbox One, but I have a backlog of games on my 360, and hard to justify spending the extra money right now. And my poor little Wii has been just sitting there for a while.
Watch Dogs looks great, and hope you enjoy Mario Kart WiiU. Do you like Nintendoland?

on 11 October 2013

I enjoyed Nintendoland for about 2 hours. I don't think it's any good other than being a tech-demo for the controller. I'd best compare it to Wii Play, although I had hoped that it was more comparable to Wii Sports (which kept me busy for weeks, if not longer).

Mario Kart for U looks awesome. I played Mario Kart Wii literaly over a hundred hours. :-)

on 11 October 2013

< Chrizum updated his status:

Who wants to play Diablo III on 360 with me?

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Nintendo pills: Three teenagers rushed to hospital after consuming super-strength ecstasy tablets

in Nintendo Discussion on 19 November 2014

I myself prefer the Zelda pills. ...

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What will sell more lifetime, Smash Bros Wii U, or Mario Kart 8?

in Nintendo Discussion on 13 November 2014

Mario Kart. But it will be much closer than on Wii....

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Wii games on WiiU look like HD remakes.

in Nintendo Discussion on 17 October 2014

There is definitely a slight upgrade in image quality, due to the HDMI output and Wii U doing the upscaling instead of the TV. Games with little jaggies benefit the most....


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Favourite Books: I forgot

Favourite Food: tagliatelle with smoked salmon and pesto, fried mushrooms in beer mixture, beefsteak with omelette and french fries, pizza

Hobbies: video games, listening music, composing music, playing guitar, watching and playing soccer, magic the gathering, having a drink with friends, playing poker, having pointless discussions with friends, dreaming

About Me: totally random guy without much hair.

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