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< StreaK posted something on mZuzek's wall:

Ahhh, got your message too late. I doubt I'd be able to compile that top 50 anyway. Just too tough lol.

< Cerebralbore101 posted something on mZuzek's wall:

Hey do you still need me to number my games list?

Nah, but I'd like to know on which platforms you've played Monster Hunter World, Stardew Valley, and especially God of War because I don't know if it's the new one or old one.

And well, Xenoblade 1 is missing too but I'm assuming that's likely Wii.

on 06 January 2019

MHW was PS4. Stardew Valley was Switch. God of War was PS4. Xenoblade 1 was Wii. Hope that helps!

on 06 January 2019

Yeah, it does. All good then, thanks.

on 06 January 2019

< mZuzek updated his status:

Rocket is no longer sad. Rocket is now pissed.

I always read your comments in Rocket's voice. It's very amusing. Please never stop having a Rocket avatar.

on 06 January 2019

I did use Fox (ex-Smash main + SFZ hype) as an avatar for about a year or so circa 2016. It was dark times, we don't speak of it.

on 06 January 2019

< Ultrashroomz posted something on mZuzek's wall:

Dude, I know I'm gonna be geeking out alone but...

Just when I thought Smash Ultimate was already a perfect game, and they just...


Hey, sorry for leaving you alone. I replied to this a few days ago but I guess VGC couldn't handle my crappy mobile internet. I'm finally back home now, after getting my ass handed to me in our first local (finished 7th, rather low for my standards) and now it's time to actually learn how to play this game.

And yeah, dude, HOLY FUCKING SHIT indeed. Personally I'm more excited about Persona 5 on the Switch, which should be a given especially considering how Nintendo chose the DLC characters themselves, but it's really awesome to have it in Smash. Of course, it also means Persona music in Smash. Oh, boy

on 09 December 2018

If Persona 5 on Switch is a thing, I may or may not be doing a giveaway for that... ;)

BTW, I have finals until next Monday, so once I'm done with that, HMU if you wanna try some online matches (Discord would be easier for me, but I don't mind using VGC's messaging system).

Smash Ultimate is amazing so far, but good god the matchmaking is horrendous.

on 09 December 2018

yea online matchmaking sucks hard, I can only hope Elite Battles are better.

on 09 December 2018

Spoiler Alert: It's not.

on 10 December 2018

oh well

on 10 December 2018

< Ultrashroomz posted something on mZuzek's wall:

I already have a feeling Meta Knight is going to be the one character I despise...

Yeah, maybe he should be banned. It's clearly not an overreaction to one combo video on a CPU on a hacked copy being played before the game's even out.

on 02 December 2018

Honestly I'm just sick of all this, I can't catch a break.

Used to main Fox, suddenly everyone I knew started hating on the character. Switched to MK, everyone went like "that's cool dude I totally support that change" fast-forward a week and everyone hated MK too. Pick up Bowser as a secondary, whoops everyone hates Bowser now.

Now here I am hyped for an awesome new game and the whole world already hates my main before I even get to play him. Honestly, fuck everyone.

on 02 December 2018

Sorry for the rude answer. I know it was a conversation killer, but it was just the most honest answer I could give you.

Can we save the character hate for *after* the game's out?

on 02 December 2018

Yeah my bad, this game has several years to change and develop.

on 02 December 2018

In any case, MK is probably gonna get nerfed really quick at this rate... hopefully not another Greninja situation.

It's particularly silly given how many characters seem to have crazy "broken" stuff.

on 02 December 2018

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gamrConnect Presents: Their 979 Greatest Games, as of 2018

in Gaming Discussion 56 minutes ago

rapsuperstar31 said: I will have to get in on the voting this year, have to get Chrono Trigger where it belongs in the top 5! Easily my number one as I beat it for the 20th+ plus time this past Summer and still holds up after all these years! TruckOSaurus said: Amen to that! I blame myself for its "bad" position this year. It's funny because it still ranked higher...

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gamrConnect Presents: Their 979 Greatest Games, as of 2018

in Gaming Discussion 1 hour ago

Well, I stand by what I said earlier. I'm not changing the points system to artificially bring more diversity to the top of the lists at the cost of devaluing the importance of user votes. The "too much Nintendo" debate here was inevitable, but most of it is ironically coming from people who didn't take part in the event, so what I suggest is, if you wanna see a change, do consider joining in...

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Elite smash does not foster practice or improvement

in Nintendo Discussion 2 hours ago

Yes, quickplay is terrible, you're better off not playing it. That said, there are many good places for you to find people to play against in battle arenas, and those are quite fun, and also usually less laggy. Personally the places I'm always finding people to play are my local community discord, character-specific discords (the Ridley one had a crew battle just yesterday, it was pretty cool),...


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