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Well it's here at long last, hope y'all enjoy the results!

I apologize for the long delay, this has been a surprisingly busy January, I only really found the time to compile everyone's lists last week, and just as I thought I'd be posting the results after the last weekend, life threw another twist my way - let's just say I haven't been home since then, which obviously complicates things a lot. I've even gotten sick, too, and have been battling through it to get these results out, I... don't feel good right now. But don't worry about old me, I'll take good care of myself now. Anyhow, being away also meant I had no access to my computer's files, meaning some of the images I used in the thread are placeholders. I'll try to get them looking nicer when I get back home, but figured the results didn't need to wait until then.

Anyhow, that's enough of my excuses. The thread is open now, so, have a good time and a happy 2024 everyone!!