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    < spurgeonryan posted something on zero129's wall:

    I see you are on but have not post in 5 days. When is the next brutal aria game?

    the brutal what game? lol xD

    on 06 August 2017

    < Oneeee-Chan!!! posted something on zero129's wall:

    Hello zero129 ,

    what game is your next emulation thread ? :D

    I was thinking about doing a new thread on the 3DS emu Citra

    on 01 May 2017

    < LivingMetal posted something on zero129's wall:

    In case you were interested.

    on 15 February 2017

    < Platina posted something on zero129's wall:

    Same to you and thanks dude :-) .

    on 25 December 2016

    < StarOcean posted something on zero129's wall:

    Yo Zero. Youre a PC guy :P I got a question on how to add mods to a Steam game

    what game is it?

    on 25 October 2016

    Stardew Valley. I dont like the character portraits. So I wanna use some mod portraits instead

    on 25 October 2016

    sorry it took me so long to write back since i needed to find out. I didnt try modding Stardew Valley. However from checking out this mod
    It seems you only need to extract the xnb files from the zip to \Stardew Valley\Content\Portraits\
    Replacing the existing xnb portrait files.
    So id imagine it would be the same for the mod you want to use?.

    on 26 October 2016

    how do I get access to the xnb files?

    on 29 October 2016

    Are they not already extracted in the stardew valley install folder?.

    on 30 October 2016

    on 08 December 2016

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    Write 77

    Pokemon Switch Will be the Biggest thing ever.

    in Nintendo Discussion 7 hours ago

    Nem said: Would definitly be something to finally have a mainline HD entry. Imo i think Ultrasun and moon should of been released on the Switch as they look so good in HD. ...

    Write 44

    Xbox360's Oblivion looks like a remaster on the One X

    in Microsoft Discussion on 06 November 2017

    CGI-Quality said: Conina said: All the 7th gen the higher resolution of multiplatform games on PC "didn't matter"... now it is a revelation. ;) :P  In fairness, console players haven't ever seen anything like the X.  This to be honest. Looking at something like this for us PC gamers it seems like nothing. We can always go back and replay or older games in...

    Write 24

    Call of Duty WWII Loot Boxes Open in Front of Other Players

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 November 2017

    AlfredoTurkey said: Bristow9091 said: The fact that it's in the social area and not in the middle of a match? What social area? If I click to play team death match, it just goes to a screen with names, waiting to play right? Am I missing something? Thats so 90's dude, today we stand around and socialise while watching others open mega lootboxes before matchs.....


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