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< yoooblazeit420 posted something on zero129's wall:

Want to make money online? its not that hard! check out this website- it is an affiliate ppc (pay per click) program where you use any day links and shorten it using their shorter and get paid when ever someone clicks the link.

the average cpm is 5$ i remember u were asking about a decent way to make money online , this is the best way i found anyway good luck! the best way to do this is post fake hacking videos of hacking random games on youtube and putting a random adfly link you shorten in , it doesn't even have to be the hack!

< spurgeonryan posted something on zero129's wall:

I know when someone enters my top 25 list, they are on the site right now. So that is how I knew you were here. It is hard to enter my top 25 on my profile, since I have so many. Congrats! How is the baby? Drinking milk yet?

ROTFL the baby is not even born yet lol xD.

on 10 April 2014

< aikohualda posted something on zero129's wall:


is it me your looking for? i can see it in your eyes i can see it in your face muahahaha not a bad song lol xD

on 10 April 2014

i thought you were dead due to liver cirrhosis

on 10 April 2014

That would be impossible since i have liver made of steel xD, plus i havnt had a drink in ages i only drink on occasion now :-)

on 10 April 2014

< axumblade posted something on zero129's wall:

Haven't seen you on for a while and then I just saw your post. I miss you sir. :[

*watching from behind the bushes*

on 03 April 2014

*eyes focus on the Smeags*

on 03 April 2014

Yeah had a lot going on in the past year mate, my granma passed away (But she was like my real mom she looked after me since i was a child) then 2 months ago i found out my real mom had passed away but last month i found out im going to be a daddy so in the end some good news came my way :-) , but i am going to try make some more time for VGC xD.

on 10 April 2014

Aw. I'm sorry to hear about all of the bad news but it is quite awesome you're going to be a father. :) Are you hoping for a boy or girl?

on 10 April 2014

thanks pal and I dont really mind to be honest as long as the baby is healthy ill be happy :-)

on 11 April 2014

< Nintentacle posted something on zero129's wall:

I like the "VGChartz Order of Light" thing in your sig! Looks cool!

Yeah it was a joke thing we started off ages ago that has now turned into the official VGC PC thread in a way xD. Anyways if you like it you should use it and becomes of official member of the PC master race xD muahahaha

on 03 April 2014

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Do you think Mobile Gaming will ever get serious?

in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago

Yes and to me it already is since a lot of my fav games from childhood when it comes to JRPG's have been ported to mobile gaming platforms, and JRPG's and Point and click adventure games work perfect on them so if you like them genres then mobile gaming is perfect...

Write 186

8th Gen Lacks excitement

in Gaming Discussion 3 days ago

curl-6 said: zero129 said: curl-6 said: It is till early, yes, but I can safely say that launch and first 5 months of PS4/Xbone lack excitement. Thats In your opinion cos like i said ive gotten plenty of excitement out of my PS4 since it launched and im sure many an X1 user feels the same too Of course it's my opinion, why else would I express...

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8th Gen Lacks excitement

in Gaming Discussion 3 days ago

curl-6 said: zero129 said: curl-6 said: zero129 said: Yes and the x1 launched with dead rising and the ps4 with killzone, maybe you might not find them games exciting but i bet the are others who did. Dead Rising 3 and Killzone Shadowfall will never go down in gaming history the way Mario 64 or Halo: Combat Evolved did. True but its still too early...


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