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< spurgeonryan posted something on zero129's wall:

noooo!!!! you were our last pure of heart.

I know did you see what i got banned for? and yet the guys doing the flaming got off with warning and i got banned for saying they should of been banned -_-

on 04 November 2014

No, I did not see.

on 05 November 2014

< DonFerrari posted something on zero129's wall:

Two guys bicker each other with flaming behaviour and get warnings, you say that they should be banned for that if not it would be wrong and you got banned, that was exquisite.

Yeah but he didnt have the warning at the time. Imo that was the most stupid ban ever but then it wouldnt be the first stupid ban cone handed out. Hes one of the reasons why a lot of the old guys who used to be here isnt anymore case in point BasilZero.

on 04 November 2014

I got several idiotic bans in my collection as well.

on 05 November 2014

There was nothing off about the ban and the other user was banned too looking back at it. But I've already explained all this via PM, so if you have further questions you know where to find me.

on 05 November 2014

No problem cone. But it was strange looking from outside.

on 05 November 2014

Understandable. Like I said if you want a more in-depth explanation then just send a PM :)

on 05 November 2014

Seems fair.

on 05 November 2014

< MARCUSDJACKSON posted something on zero129's wall:

But does it? if its the one im thinking about its the one that says the PS4 version sold more copies of the game right??

If so how does that still mean this is not true? could it not be the case that most of the Fifa fans that might of wanted to buy the game already owned a PS4 from Fifa 14?

Now isnt it also possible that the was a lot of Fifa 14 players still on their xbox 360 who might only now be upgrading to a X1 for this years release thanks to the price drop and bundles??.

(yes all are possible, and it could still be the other way around.

< spurgeonryan posted something on zero129's wall:


I know from no bans to 2 bans within the space of a week im such a rebel xD

on 10 October 2014

< SubiyaCryolite posted something on zero129's wall:

... Sorry XD

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Write 96

Games that completely surprised you on how good they were...

in Gaming Discussion on 13 November 2014

From Recent memory it would be Alien Isolation, Didnt really read much about it, didnt even know it was a survival horror type game till i played it but i loved every minute of it. Ryse Son of Rome (PC version) all i heard about this game before hand was that it wasnt very good so i went in with very low expectations, but i ended up enjoying the game a lot and it has some of the best graphics...

Write 31

WiiU Deluxe + SM3DW+NL - $269.99! ($259.99 With Coupon Code) via Newegg (limited

in Nintendo Discussion on 13 November 2014

i can buy a WiiU atm for 100 off me aunt i think she has like 2 or 3 games with it id jump at it but with a new baby funds are a bit tight atm, might be willing to sell it off for her here if the is profit involved xD .....

Write 112

#PCMASTERRACE thing out of control

in Gaming Discussion on 12 November 2014

Kerotan said: Squeezol said:I'm getting kinda sick of it. Also, the PCMASTERRACEFTWBRO thing doesn't only happen in YouTube comments. It's all around the web. It's an obvious and sort of true statement to a degree, because good PCs do have a lot of advantages over consoles, but I don't understand how these MASTERRACE people just can't seem to accept that consoles do have a few...


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