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< aikohualda posted something on zero129's wall:

omg you are alive! :O

< cannonballZ posted something on zero129's wall:

Where do I find the crossbow?

When you fight the griffin you should be giving it before the fight if i remember right lol

on 22 May 2015

Yea, I spent 6 hours looking for it!!! Didn't even use it to kill the griffin.

on 24 May 2015

Yeah it was only after i posted that i seen your comment in the other thread lol x_x .

on 24 May 2015

< VXIII posted something on zero129's wall:

I came here to request a friendship. But I see we already are friends. So, nevermind, heh.

< CGI-Quality posted something on zero129's wall:

Great chattin' with ya, no matter what side of the coin splits us! :)

True, Its just i really believe in gaming on any device and i do see this as the future, its just hard for me to see a future where people are going to want to keep buying multi devices for their gaming needs. I already hate having to own multi devices for my gaming needs and would much sooner be able to have all my games on one system even if that meant having to run PSNow, Xlive, Steam, Origins, Uplay etc on that said system. Now this doesnt mean that Companys such as MS or Sony wont make hardware that can run them services as well cos they will imo.
It will be like the way it is now with Movies and DVD/BluRay Players etc. As imo Exclusives and Exclusive hardware doesnt benefit the consumer in any way shape or form. And i think more people are now seeing this since gaming as become so big and even more mainstream then its ever been, and is now right up their with movies. But just like with movies people dont want to have to buy a Sony BluRay player to watch the latest Spiderman movie. They want that movie to play on the hardware they have that they chooses be it a Sony or Samsung BluRay player, Well now that gaming has moved into this same mainstream space, this is also what people expect is their choice in the hardware they want to choose and being able to Enjoy all the great games without having to buy different exclusive hardware for a few exclusive game series on each system.

on 23 January 2015

I don't mind multiple pieces of hardware, personally, so long as said hardware is supported with plenty of software. However, there's no denying the digital future and as time passes, I expect much of what you say to come to fruition.

on 23 January 2015

< aikohualda posted something on zero129's wall:

merry christmas drunken bear

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Pre Order Tales of Zestiria on PC get Tales of Symphonia HD free

in PC Discussion on 02 July 2015

So it seems that Namco put up on the Steam Store page today that if enough people Pre order ToZ on PC they will get ToS HD for free!. I think this is a great offer and since ToZ is already 10€ cheaper then the PS4 version and now including ToS for Free! who else plans on pre ordering to make sure it hits its goal and show Namco that we want more Tales of games on PC! :-). Link:...

Write 368

Death sentence. Yes or no?

in Politics Discussion on 30 June 2015

Puppyroach said: zero129 said: Puppyroach said: That is not how a justice system is supposed to work. It is never built upon the view of "an eye for an eye" but rather imprisonment or fines depending on the gravity of the crime and a focus on rehabilitation of individuals. Is your view that if someone shoots another person, but that person doesn´t die, the sentence is...

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Death sentence. Yes or no?

in Politics Discussion on 29 June 2015

Puppyroach said: zero129 said: Puppyroach said: Absolutely not. I believe that no one, not the state or an individual, has the right to decide a persons right to live or die. It's barbaric and medieval and focuses on some kind of "revenge" aspect of the legal system, when a legal system shouldn't enact revenge on criminals, but rather justice. But as you can see...


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