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    < shadowii posted something on zorg1000's wall:

    he zorg been a long time, hard being a nintendo fan on the internet huh, anyway based on black friday numbers what do you think the switches first year sales number will be

    Been a long time? Do i know you? Lol

    Well the NPD guy from ResetERA said the numbers are incorrect so hard to know for sure but i would say ~4.5 million in US and WW over 12 million by the end of Dec.

    4 days ago

    < Oneeee-Chan!!! posted something on zorg1000's wall:

    Hello zorg1000 .

    If you are a good Vgchartz member or good Nintendo fan.

    Please try to control yourself.

    ok..........thanks for the tip?

    on 23 April 2017

    < spemanig posted something on zorg1000's wall:

    Progress is being made... I promise!

    ill believe it when i see it

    on 28 February 2017

    you are a terrible person

    on 09 March 2017

    It'll be worth it LOL

    on 09 March 2017

    < naruball posted something on zorg1000's wall:

    "1. Like I said, I credited handhelds with having a higher chance of being rebought, but neither you or I have any actual data to show the number of unique owners of each device so while you say I'm dowplaying, I could easily say you are overestimating the number of people who own multiple 3DS models and neither one of us would be right because neither of us has any proof.

    2. I just find it to be cherry picking when you choose a smaller support title instead of the proven system sellers like Pokemon which sells over 15 million and like I said, its about the overall library not just a game in isolation.

    3. Werent you the guy in another thread who was calling people out for using just the top 10 selling games to prove a point? So now a game has to chart in the top 10 of NPD to be considered a strong seller?"

    What are you even talking about?!

    1. Sure, I'm definitely overestimating consoles. How about you reply to the actual points I made, viz. price, space, and how easily they break or can be lost. I'll wait.

    2. What does Pokemon have to do with home consoles? It never sold 15m and the argument was that had WiiU had these games, it would have sold better. Read again the actual point instead of throwing handhelds in where they don't belong.

    3. Yes, I was. Where did I say that only the top 10 matters? We have plenty of charts with more than the top 10. Those charts are dominated by ps and xb games. The Japanese charts, on the other hand, have both Ninty and Sony games all year long. It used to be the case with nds and wii. It was not the same this generation where a few games here and there would do well, but the rest would be absent from the charts.

    1. I have already said twice that I too believe handhelds are far more likely to be rebought by the same person, what more are you looking for? My only point was that this happens to all devices with revisions/special editions to a certain extent so using that as an argument against 3DS sales is biased. Also MS/PS consoles have shown over history to be far more prone to breaking than Nintendo handhelds.

    2. If you dont know than you have clearly lost track of where our discussion began. You said that Nintendo IP arent enough to make a device sell well and used Wii U as your proof, I pointed out that Wii U has only a fraction of the overall Nintendo support and made a list of Nintendo games that appear on 3DS but not Wii U. You then pointed out how M&L is not enought to make a difference and I stated thats cherry picking when there are far bigger games on this list I made and that my point was aboit the overall library, not just one game.

    3. Ok take a look at the top 100 games sold each year according to this site, the last 4 years have consistently had about 20-25 games 3DS/Wii U games chart. Ya PS/XB is doing better but not sure what that has to do with anything since our discussion has never been about Nintendo vs PS/XB.

    My original comment to you simply said Nintendo has sold a good deal of hardware & software this generation so Nintendo IP clearly pull alot of weight and since then you have just been thinking up anything to try and discredit that statement.

    on 27 November 2016

    Naruball the only chart with more than ten games are UK's and Germany's...
    In Germany's charts Nintendo dominates with PS not xb1, 3DS had as much as games PS4 had in the top... Do not forget that wii u is still above xb1 there ( and in France too ) , while it has been killed since april.

    Sadly, Germany charts became a top 20 with multiplatform sales combined and you know how unfair this is for exclusive games...
     However, even with that, Paper Mario CS debuted  at 11st, way above gears of war 4.
    You still have the misconception that Nintendo software hasn't sell well this gen basing it on the illusory conclusion that you infer from some specific charts...
    Mario kart  7 has sold 1.2m and Mario kart 8 600k
    ( having an attach rate of almost 70% ) in France, for  example.
    YW dominated spain charts lately..

    Also, games of wii u have even charted very high in Scandinavian charts .

    Recently. Pokemon SUN and moon topped Australian and New zelander charts.

    on 14 December 2016

    By the way, you do realize that Nintendo consoles haven't the so much frequent releases of PS/XB thanks to third parties....

    on 14 December 2016

    Tak. You keep talking about exceptions. Thanks to 3rd parties both MS and Sony have a constant stream of games that sell well. There is a reason 3rd parties choose xb and ps. They just sell better on these consoles all year round.

    on 14 December 2016

    Tak. We also have the US numbers (we get way more than the top 10 thanks to a lot of people who leak numbers) and don't forget all the end of the year charts that show the top 100. There are some wiiu/3ds first party games, but the rest are xb1/ps4.

    When nds and wii (and psp) were selling well, we had all sorts of efforts from 3rd parties releasing games on them.

    on 14 December 2016

    Too many ''exceptions''...

    Anyway, no more to say, because zorg has covered me, particularly with the last part
    ( Have you read his statements ? )

    Plus that we may end up quarreling...

    There are many positive thing this gen regarding them, I will name a few.
    For instance, Mario kart 8 has outsold many XBOX/PlayStation major exclusives, splatoon the crazy nintendo new ip is neck to neck with halo 5 for the moment, 3DS has as much as 10m+ sellers playstation home consoles usually have,
    And the most important, 3DS will be the second best selling system of this gen in the core video games market.
    Okay, naru what can we do? Nintendo is back to its normal standards or a bit under these.
    Apropos, are you a Greek-Cypriot?

    on 14 December 2016


    on 14 December 2016

    I forgot to point out something about handheld console having a higher chance of being rebought...

    Perhaps, the proof of this is the fairly lower attach ratios of handheld console compared to home consoles.
    Both of you agree on this as I see..
    However, Nintendo products are very durable, so the repurchasing is more about revisions and limited editions., Zorg you have implied that... hehe

    PS2 and XBO360 must be most prone to be broken ever consoles....
    My brother bought 4 ps2...

    One fat, and three slims.
    As for the xbox360, I have surmised that from xbox fans comments...

    on 14 December 2016

    < tak13 posted something on zorg1000's wall:

    In your supposed NS revisions, would you say that Nintendo would also revise the dock? Remember is just a tv out and charging cradle, ergo not something special!

    not sure, could see it going either way

    on 20 October 2016

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    Switch Sells 10 Million Units Worldwide

    in Nintendo Discussion 42 minutes ago

    Spindel said: Ivant said:  And for the first time since the 64 we will see more than one Zelda on a console I would imagine, being that the console and handheld divisions have merged. Rinse and repeat for Mario games etc. Wii had two Zeldas also (TP and SS) So did GC lol so hes way off...

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    Global hardware Nov 4th 2017

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    DonFerrari said: pastro243 said: Well, this shows games like cod and fifa do wonders for hardware for market leaders too. I remember people saying both wouldn't have any effect as "anyone who wanted cod/fifa would already have a ps4" This week was huge and the fifa week was too, casual and core gamers that had old consoles wait for these games to upgrade/jump in, sony was smart to...

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    "The Nintendo Switch Is Selling Exactly As Fast As Sony's PS4" - Forbes

    in Gaming Discussion 1 hour ago

    Barkley said: LipeJJ said: Nah, the test is how it fares on its first 12 months against PS4. This way both will have faced the same months (holidays) nas I bet Switch will come on top.  Doesn't work exactly like that due to launching in march. Launching in the holidays is like having your birthday at christmas, you'll never get as many presents as you would if they...


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