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< tak13 posted something on zorg1000's wall:

Pay attention to my reply to you...There is a very interesting and illuminating implication in my comment!:P:P:P:P:P:P

Ya it's undertracked in USA?

on 30 April 2015

It seems to be...
Unless ioi put unjustly(No a big game release to justify that) 62-66k in the USA for the fifth week,while had it at 48k in NA for the forth week...

on 30 April 2015

< tak13 posted something on zorg1000's wall:

You do realise that the 175k NEW 3DSXL sold first week in the USA as I predicted,is a slap for your february's npd low prediction...

Any comment about it?

What was my prediction?

on 28 February 2015

265k in February's npd prediction thread!:P.

I don't try to provoke you,I'm just mentioning it!:P

on 28 February 2015

So let's say roughly 200k after 2 weeks, ya my prediction is a bit low, 300-350k sounds about right.

on 28 February 2015

< Materia-Blade posted something on zorg1000's wall:

"There were over 100 million Wii owners, only 3 RPGs sold over 1 million, hence the Wii audience was not big on RPGs, how hard is that to understand?"

The rpgs THAT CAME OUT sold acordingly for what they were. what's so hard about it? the NINTENDO audience is big on rpgs.

What does that even mean, according to what they were? There is no point in continuing to argue, I used actual sales figures and data to support my argument while u aren't basing ur statements on anything. There was not a large RPG fanbase on Wii, that is a fact.

on 18 January 2015

7th gen RPG sales

DS-137 million
360-68 million
PS3-64 million
PSP-47 million
Wii-13 million

The RPG audience was clearly not on Wii, stop denying it

on 18 January 2015

what they were? many were very niche, and sold exactly like their ps counterparts. the rpg audience is clearly always part of nintendo.

on 18 January 2015

I'm done discussing with u, face the facts, Wii was not a console with a strong RPG fanbase

on 18 January 2015

Yet the numbers say otherwise, unless you expected millions from franchises that don't usually sell a single million.

on 18 January 2015

If the Wii audience were big supporters of RPGs than there would have been more RPGs released, these games did not sell very well despite the huge install base of Wii. The other 7th gen devices did have strong RPG sales so developers kept releasing RPGs for them. The software sales prove it, despite a higher install base than PSP/360/PS3 all had better RPG supprt because they sold better. DS had 1.5 the install base of Wii and sold 10x as many RPGs. The Wii audience were not strong supporters of RPGs, yes there were RPG fans on Wii but very few of the 100 million Wii owners were RPG fans. The average RPG on Wii sold less than 1 million meaning on average less than 1% of Wii owners owned an RPG.

on 18 January 2015

"If the Wii audience were big supporters of RPGs than there would have been more RPGs released". incredibly funny but you know that isn't true.

"The other 7th gen devices did have strong RPG sales so developers kept releasing RPGs for them." acording to your logic for what good sales mean, no, they didn't.

"The average RPG on Wii sold less than 1 million meaning on average less than 1% of Wii owners owned an RPG." this logic puts a huge amount of games from nearly all genres and all platfroms on the same boat as the rpgs you describe.

on 19 January 2015

< Conegamer posted something on zorg1000's wall:

Keep an eye on quote trees please. No more than three per post.

But I'm going green, gotta let the trees blossom

on 02 January 2015

Not on my watch! :-P

on 02 January 2015

< padib posted something on zorg1000's wall:

I believe you are correct here.


Thanks for the friend request, and ya I really believe Nintendo will go for a plan similar to this. They simply can't provide strong software support for 2 completely seperate devices anymore and unless they go for some extremely powerful console to compete with PS5/XB4 then they will likely never again receive strong 3rd party support from AAA game developers on the home console side of things. Instead do what they do best and pump out a bunch of quality games and have niche Japanese titles & licensed child friendly games fill in the gaps like their handhelds are use to.

on 22 December 2014

If they follow their handheld strategy I really see no reason why the success shouldn't translate to other types of hardware (able to play the same games).

on 22 December 2014

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Write 103

where are the wii u retail releases

in Nintendo Discussion 5 hours ago

Davman said: I feel sorry for the people that Wii U is their primary gaming device. For people like me that have gaming pc and/or other consoles it is ok to wait some time for Xenoblade Chronicles X , Fatal Frame V and Zelda . Like I've said before, u need both the handheld and console to get the full Nintendo experience. Having 3DS+Wii U, there are really never any droughts and...

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Sorry 3DS, it's not you, it's me

in Nintendo Discussion 9 hours ago

This is a great example of why Nintendo should go for a unified platform where all or most games are available on either form factor. It seems like u enjoy or are interested in many handheld titles, the problem is that u don't like the form factor so Nintendo is/has/will lose potential software sales by those games not being on a home console form factor as well....

Write 129

Prediction: "Cartridges" will return for the Nintendo home console

in Nintendo Discussion 19 hours ago

tracer45 said: "This seems like the most locigal choice for a range of devices that is supposed to play the same games." 1. There is NO EVIDENCE pointing to nintendo going for a range of devices that play the same games. 2. Even if they were, there's no relation between hardware and media. the portable could have a 8-16gb cartidge and the home console a bluray/whatever with no...


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