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Jumpin said:
One large criticism I have of the Democratic Party is their political games. Why is there even a debate between them on whether or not to impeach Donald Trump? There should be no question, the guy literally has literally committed hundreds of acts not befitting of someone of his standing. They are partially to blame for the continuation of this clown show. Of course, I know the reason: "It wouldn't be strategically valuable to do this." That's not the point. The point is that no one is even attempting to do the right thing. If it had been done, and then certain officials blocked it, then those officials can be attacked on the basis of betraying the US constitution.

The mechanisms in place exist to get rid of people such as Donald Trump who have not cose to the qualifications, ethics, or integrity to be a political leader, let alone the head of government in any country. Given that his popularity has dropped so far that to below 50% permanently even before he took office, and his disapproval rate has been above 50% since the third month, it is clear that the people of the US regret what they did during the election. The Republican party hasn't done their job (which is unsurprising given their historical lack of integrity since the Nixon administration), but they alone are not to blame since the Democratic Party has been equally poor in their duties to the people of the country on this one matter that has had such catastrophic results on a global scale.

Eh, I disagree. If you start to get rid of republican president which you don't agree on politically, you can bet on what happens with the next democratic president. Also I am not sure anyone really wants Mike Pence as president. People are somehow in this mindset of getting rid of Trump in whichever way possible and magically everything will get better. Mike Pence is against LGTBQ, denies human influence on global warming, supports teaching intelligent design in schools and so on. I don't think you are much better off with him.

And the main reasons why the possibility of impeachment exists in the first place aren't really triggered by Trump. He is not really threatening the US. He didn't started new military involvements, like Bush or Obama did. I agree he is a horrible president, but he isn't the first one.

But if you want in future every democrat president going through impeachment proceedings, this is the way to go. I prefer seeing Trump beaten at the ballot box.

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