Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Do you have more fun with Mario Galaxy or NSMB Wii?

new super mario bros by far

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i dont see why people feel the need to put one down?
i enjoy them both for completely different reasons seeing how thay are nothing alike. thats the best thing about the main mario series its full of variety.




We don't but the OP asked a question.

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I find both of them equally boring.

NSMB Wii, definetely!

Mario Galaxy can be frustrating sometimes. NSMB is never that, even dying is fun!

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Mario Galaxy, no contest. It is less frustrating for me and it looks pretty!

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NSMBWii, definitely.
Galaxy's a dull Mario 64 clone (like its predecessor, Sunshine), not to mention, it's [the experience] all too fleeting.

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NSMB Wii. In fact, I found Galaxy rather boring whereas I love NSMB wii...


I found more of an urge to play it a second time, can't say the same for NSMBW.

Mario Galaxy