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Just wanted to say that this game is awesome, and the humor throughout is well worth the price.

For some reason, this game is only like $15 in most places now, but definitely deserves to be played. If you have a Wii, run through this one at least once. Great game =)

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It had its moments. I was more than a little let down, though.

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One of my favorite lines at the end was "Why didn't you call him a #$@#$$ $@#$@$#". I was thinking the exact same thing.

^^^ lol yeah that whole scene had me cracking up

Went back and started playing through the Director's Cut.

@d21 - Well, compared to the OTHER house of the dead games, this one far outshines it - its fluid, it uses proper english (well for as proper as cursing all over gets), and there are some downright spooky parts (the Screamer boss, for example) and its downright good campy humor.. by far the best of the HOTD games yet.

The Carnival of Shadows - Folk Punk from Asbury Park, New Jersey 

Funny enough this is a good game in its own right but alot of the other Wii fans have posted on other threads how Sega gives them nothing but "shovelware". I find it funny that they try to justify playing pokemon, mario and TP throughout the entire year and bash other good games.

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I'm certainly glad I bought and played through it. I was actually less pleased with Madworld, I still haven't finished that and I've heared it's a very short game anyway.

The funniest part of Overkill has to be when that guy says he doesn't want people to think he is the kind of man who.... p*sses himself...

I laughed so hard!

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Amazing game! I couldnt beat the Director's cut cause I gave it to my brother, but I'll definitely get it again! The funniest part for me is the classic "No motherf*cking way man! I manicured only yesterday"! Wait i like this one too "Wait, the bitch is ringing" Hahahha! Amazing game! =D

JUG - Yeah, that scene was just creepy. Seriously, who just turns around in public and pisses? haha

Carlos - yeah dude, that entire scene was pretty awesome. Definite kudos to the writers!

What makes the game unique is that they don't use the music to make the game feel scarier. The constant funk music keeps the game light and campy. Had they used something similar to Silent Hill or resident evil games, there may have been a few instances where I'd have dropped my control from getting freaked out

The concept of and execution of the scenes and battle with the Screamer were just awesome. It felt like I was fighting the chick from The Ring.

The Carnival of Shadows - Folk Punk from Asbury Park, New Jersey 

Fuck shit fuck mother fucker.

Repeat that 1500 times and you have the dialogue for the entire game.

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I love this game too. Despite it being profane, it is handled in a way that adult gamers can enjoy it.

On the otherhand, Madworld is probably not a game a lot of adults will enjoy, it reminds me of being 11 years old playing Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat 2. I think Madworld tries WAY to hard at being "hardcore". Even the name of it is the same as a song that "hardcore gamers" love, the emo cover version at least.

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