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Forums - Sales Discussion - Media Create sales (12/21 - 12/27)


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johnsobas said:
Did taiko release the same week as the first one? It's amazing because it's gonna sell about the same before new year. The first one sold 250k before new year then 375k after that. After next weeks sales it could be higher than 250k.

No, it launched 2 weeks earlier iirc.  But it's earlier sales were well lower, Taiko 1 launch was pushed by the run to the holidays.

Hardware finally in:

Wii 215,129
DSi 113,984
PS3 110,519
PSP 105,801
DSi LL 81,430
DS Lite 17,695
Xbox 360 6,489
PSP go 4,192
PS2 3,747

Long live PSP go

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why are there hardware sales so far off of what vgchartz says

Halo MCC will sell 5+ million copies(including digital)

halo 5 will sell 10 million copies(including digital)

x1 will pass ps4 in USA, and UK.

Wow, the PS3 really dropped hard from last week. I guess the majority of the sales were the FF13 bundles. Now that they are gone it has dropped 135k from last week's numbers(245k). I'm curious about Famitsu numbers and how they compare with MC numbers.

PSP Go is...just wow...
I was actually surprised the other day when I went to a used game store. I was looking at the store's "buy back" price for game hardware(basically how much $ they give you for selling your used game consoles/handhelds to them, which they re-sell). The price for the PSP Go was only 10,000 yen[just over $100] (Go's MSRP is 26,800 yen) and the price for the PSP 3000 was 12,000 yen[just over $120] (MSRP is 16,800 yen).
So even though the Go costs 10,000 yen (over $100) more than a PSP 3000, you will get back 2,000 yen (over $20) more for selling your PSP 3000 to them! hahaha.

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wow, VERY big difference between Media Create and VGChartz Japanese hardware sales. What happened?

ps3 vg chartz almost 150k this one 110k

110k for PS3 seems pretty low, considering holydays boost + FF XIII recent launch...

What were famitsu HW no.??

pswii overtracked on vgchartz?!

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