Forums - Gaming Discussion - From VGChartz GOTY awards, we can infer that the editors are crazy.

Wow, L4D2 goty??? Yeah you're right that is crazy. I think that'll probably be the only goty award L4D2 gets, but different ppl, different opinions I guess.

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Khuutra said:
MontanaHatchet said:
Khuutra said:
dougsdad, that is not really a proper attitude to take or to express. They're allowed their opinions, and some of these guys love the Hell out of Left 4 Dead.

Montana, I don't think that's an appropriate reaction either. There's no need to defend any of these articles, much less letting someone's disagreement drive you to urge them away from the site.

It's an article which I voted for, so he's calling my opinions crazy. And I'm one of the staff, so he's calling me crazy.

It is a perfectly appropriate reaction.

Not if you believe that you, as a representative of this site, should be setting an example for other members in terms of behavior.

His reaction surprised the hell out of me too.  That's all I'll say or he might ban me..

 And Doug, I don't agree with their choices either..however, I wouldn't have picked the ones you did, either.  So am I crazy too for having a difference of opinion?  If people aren't allowed to disagree with you, you're in the wrong place.  VGChartz is the Gumbo of video game opinion.  Don't come here acting high and mighty like yours is the only opinion that's not.  And with posts like this, it starts to matter even less.