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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - I have lost faith in the Wii and its future

Welcome to my thoughts before we hit this holiday season, we've finally get choices now, but I wonder if anyone realizes that, or have they already give up before we reached this point.

I am a PC gamer, and also have a NDS now, but without access to a Nintendo Wii until End of 2007.

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1 word: RTFA

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I think Rol was hopping for reassurance and support from other Nintendo enthusiast to stave off these notions of doubt which are troubling him. Everyone has a moment of doubt, but to think there aren't any hurdles left for the Wii is a naive and dangerous notion.

Ha ha ha you're a real joker Rolstappable. Back then you were lecturing me via a PM that I shouldn't be so pessimistic about the WII while I wasn't even that negative comparing to your post and now you're saying that your pessism is even worse than mine a while ago?

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I really don't believe that this is Rol, everyone.

I'm kinda having the same problem with my PS3, but I see it coming on the Wii as well. I have a PS3 since launch might I add, and I have owned all of 3 games(sold 2 back because I didn't like them.) I can't see a single game in the foreseeable future on PS3 and as for Wii, after the Christmas rush and smash bros, I'm out of ideas. Bleh it's depressing.

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It's no surprise that the 360 is the only console that has developed any real pace thus far given its whole extra year to sort things out. It will be a waiting game to see what comes of the Wii and PS3.

That post was a load of junk, the Wii is doing just fine, I think people here feel like what has made them so proud and happy could be gone so fast.

Hmmm. Losing faith when SMG, SSBB, Wii Fit, Mario Cart, Nights, RE-UC, and others are all due out in the next 4 months???

Yeah, definitely not Rol.

i have no lack of faith in wii--games are getting better and better--just keep playing games


Not to mention Monster Hunter 3 and probably Kingdom Hearts, FF:CC, AAA WiiWare titles.

Obviously Animal Crossing at some stage, that will sweep the floors in Japan, not to mention the truck load of Jap RPG support flying in.