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What PS3 JRPG will you be playing the Most in February 2010?

White Knight Chronicles - International 67 72.04%
Last Rebellion 6 6.45%
Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope - International 20 21.51%

im gettin all 3... SO4 will be played to most... least will be WKC

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Good chance I'll get all 3 but I still don't know exactly what Last Rebellion is. Suppose I could read up about it and then wait for reviews.

I'll be playing SO4 first probably since it is one of my favourite series, but we'll have to see how much I enjoy WKC.

None, they all took too long to release and now just gonna buy FFXIII.



WKC, of course. Dark Cloud meets giant Mechas, plus the online component and the Georama system looks pretty awesome :) As I only have money for one game a month, that will be the only one that I play xD

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all 3 for me

...not much time to post anymore, used to be awesome on here really good fond memories from VGchartz...

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really miss the VGCHARTZ of 2008 - 2013...

WKC FTW!!!!! :)

White Knight Chronicles of course

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Star Ocean 4

Lol kylie thats ass backwards, its FFXIII that took its sweet old time getting here, and we didn't even KNOW about LR until recently, and SO4 was made rather quickly to be honest.

Yes White Knight is the only one gulity of taking to long, but FFXIII still took longer, WKC = 3 years, FFXIII = 5 years.