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Forums - Sales Discussion - The Official Nov. 2009 NPD Thread Data covers Nov 1-28 comes @ 6:30 PM EST

gaf 505

We are Wii....Waiting for Pikmin 3! and Pikmin 2 NPC...


   - Donkey Kong Country Returns

   - Minecraft!

   -  Venezuela FTW!       

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OMG Ps3 is last!!

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

I think it has begun...why is it Gaf ALWAYS down when the numbers arrive?...really, why?

Tic Tac ... Tic Tac ...

The PS3 can't be last with the PSP around

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instead of saying "ps3 is last" why dont you post the numbers....

GAF is down

False alarm, they psoted the #'s on GT but were fake



what do you guys mean ps3 is last? lol, it sold less than psp??