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Forums - Sales Discussion - The Official Nov. 2009 NPD Thread Data covers Nov 1-28 comes @ 6:30 PM EST

wow, psp software is completely dead. 2% of revenue and no titles in the top 100.

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any word on psp go sales?

currently playing: Skyward Sword, Mario Sunshine, Xenoblade Chronicles X

ioi said:

NPD didn't track the PS3 black friday bundles - they were Sony hardware bundles much like the Pure / Lego Batman 360 bundles or Wii Sports bundles - the software in those isn't counted in the software totals from NPD.

Also, I'm not sure where you guys are getting these figures from. As of Nov 28th we have:

Punch-Out - 578k Americas (503k US) - looks fine

Infamous (minus BF bundle) - 588k Americas (511k US) - looks fine

Valkyria Chronicles - 315k Americas (275k US) - looks high but I'm happy with our figures

Fire Emblems - all around 200k again so don't really see any issues here.

The only one that would raise any concern is VC I guess, but even in that case I'm not worried by our data. It has seen a lot of price cuts and has been selling especially well at Walmart in recent weeks for example so as ever I'm a little sceptical as to how well NPD is able to track some of this stuff.

Well lets be honest, for you tracking guys in general stuff that low is going to be hard to track.

As the numbers get lower the margin of error is going to get higher since there is a much eaiser chance for sales to be less evenly distributed.

Plus each copy off is just worth so much more % wise.


Anything ~300,000 or less must be a real pain in the ass to track.

I thought everything was within reason except Valkyria to be honest. Just checked also, and they're no longer selling it online and in-store availability says it's limited. No stores within 100 miles of NYC, Chicago or LA even carry it for example, I seriously have to question this game moving even 5k weekly given the significant discrepancy.

Punch Out, Fire Emblem, Infamous all seemed pretty close though. Tales a little high, but at least not the 3:1 margin of Valkyria.

ioi said:
Well it is more like 2:1 for VC - 130k vs 275k.

But yes, maybe we are a bit high but maybe NPD are also too low.

Yeah, fair enough.  I wasn't really thinking to account for Canada/Mexico.

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I bet the bestselling game will be MW2 on the 360.