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So, Bethesda releases Rogue Warrior and it is getting slammed across the board. Critics are saying the game is garbage and do not buy. This is a game that should never have made it to market; it should have been canceled a long time ago. Yet the game is released, and I am seeing commercials for this game 5x a day. 

Bethesda releases statements last week that Brink will look better than KZ2. Heated forum debates spring up everywhere. More silent than a pin drop, Rogue Warrior is released.

I watch X-Play on G4. They have been running a week long exclusive, inside look into Brink. But all they really have is 4 different clips, each about 5 seconds in length, that they keep running over and over. They are speculating that the game is going to do this and do that, and how amazing it will be not to have to push the A button. They’re not demoing it, it's not in the studio, and there isn't anyone from Bethesda or Splash Damage to discuss the game. Brink doesn't even come out until this time next year.

And of course there is no review about Rogue Warrior. Not even a mention.

Not all consumers are going to know not to buy Rogue Warrior. People are buying this game.

If gaming news sites, like X-Play, are willing to pander to large companies like Bethesda and essentially do their dirty work for them by using Brink as a red-herring to cover up the fact that Bethesda has just taken a giant crap on consumers by releasing Rogue Warrior to the public, how do we the consumer protect ourselves?

Greed and deception has become normal operating procedure this console generation. Companies like Bethesda and their parent company ZeniMax are making more money than ever and their bottom line has taken precedent over any sort of quality standards or practices.

Some games simply are not worthy of a $60+ price tag. Some games should never make it onto a shelf in a store. Where can the public turn to for protection? Is there anything we can do to create a quality standard or a criteria that a game must meet before it can receive a $60+ price tag? Is there anything being done about this?

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Rouge Warrior? you mean Fuckdity fucking Warrior?

(the game had toooooooooo much swear words)

yeah the game does kinda stink but this song kinda makes up for it.

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Thats funny

so they released a bomb and it tanked hard so what? companies release bad games sometimes. bad game is bad...they wont make profits; punishment executed. moving on to the next game isnt a bad thing they are trying to regain some prestige. especialy when the next game looks like it has some exciting twists to add to the fps genre

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They only published it so they shouldn't be held responsible for the game's quality.

i bought it and avatar on the same day on steam kill me now

mjk45 said:
i bought it and avatar on the same day on steam kill me now

You are already dead.

Even though the game sucks the theme song at the end of it is epic and still makes it better then Vampire Rain.

mjk45 said:
i bought it and avatar on the same day on steam kill me now

You own alot of good games, so i thought you had good taste

But now isee you buy anything you can get your hands on xD

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