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Updated !

- Lips Party Classics
- Ancients of Ooga
- Scrap Metal
- Xbox Game Room
- Lazy Raiders
- Comic Jumper
- Breach
- Hydro Thunder Hurricane
- Happy Wars

also removed Champions Online....expected IMO.

I will leave Hydrophobia on the retail list, because the dev studio said last year that they are going to do a retail and a XBLA release at the same time....

Looks like another awesome year for Xbox Live Arcade !

There has never really been a point where I've downloaded many Arcade titles-let alone downloading them when they come out-however, I'm really looking into investing in Arcade titles this year. Namely Monday Night Combat, Breach, and Hydrophobia.
I mean, did you SEE the latest trailer???

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Baby!!!!

Are they ever going to talk about releasing that game again? :(


Maybe Limbo and BattleBlock Theater for XBLA? Depends on how complete a list you want.

themanwithnoname's law: As an America's sales or NPD thread grows longer, the probabilty of the comment "America = World" [sarcasticly] being made approaches 1.

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themanwithnoname said:
Maybe Limbo and BattleBlock Theater for XBLA? Depends on how complete a list you want.

Well of course I'm adding some new games, but I need some time for that.

BattleBlock Theater is not confirmed as a XBLA exclusive right ? If not, I'll wait a bit longer until they announce on which platform it's going to release.

Updated the list !


- Sniper: Ghost Warrior (But please don't expect too much from this game...)
- Monday Night Combat
- Limbo
- Deadliest Warrior
- Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

I know I said don't expect too much from Sniper: Ghost Warrior, but it's really looking quite decent:

Still keep in mind, that its predecessors were below average.


list is quite outdated at this point. I'm going to make a huge update AFTER E3 and change the layout...

I don't think it makes much sense to change it now.