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My short stint with MySQL ended after 2 corrupt database instances, and I went back to SQL2000. I assume that's not an option for you though?

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Mysql is fine, it's just that some of the defaults are not so fine, especially with older versions...

ioi said:
Yeah, we've lost about 200 users
 How many did we have before we lost those 200 users? 


I hate to admit it, but MSSQL is probably one of the better choices if you don't know what you are doing.  MySQL can be more reliable and faster, but requires more configuration in config files you have to edit by hand.  Only a few things you really have to tweak to get acceptable performance in MSSQL, and it will not be that bad without tweaking.

 MySQL is find out of the box if your server doesn't ever crash and you don't have a lot of transactions...  (High read rate for a moderate size database is fine out of the box).

 If you want the best, then do Oracle.

yeah if you want a reliable database, PostgreSQL is a very reliable and feature rich open-source database package, much better than MySQL

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As a precaution make sure to dump your sql database out every 24 hours at least (or more). You can set up a cron job to do it for you automatically. This way at most you would lose just the changes since the last dump took place and then restore from there.

Also make sure your new host has set up your disk quota correctly. Ive seen a few mysql db's get hosed when their account "ran out of space" when the database was trying to write. Kind of a dumb mistake but Ive seen it happen. Ooops.

 Ask your host if you can get a copy of the mysql.err log. Should point you in the right direction.



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I have worked extensively with Oracle, mySQL, and MS SQL. I have never seen any of these lose data from a reboot. Only way I can think of is if you had no commits. Was there something significant that happened at time that it went back too. i.e. was that the specific time of your last build? Maybe you somehow triggered a rollback to the last build.

maybe you have some settings that rollback your db when you reboot.
there's no reason for it to suddenly eat up a week of db updates.

so, yeah, check, roooooollbaaaack issue.